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Going Viral – Top Ten Movie Pandemics

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The Bay BLu-rayDeath and its effects come often to the realm of the moving picture and directors have long enjoyed dreaming up the end of world for our edification.

To celebrate Barry Levinson’s waterbound parasitical zombie fest (that’s the pitch meeting wrapped up right there) The Bay we’re taking a look at some of the various imagined apocalypses over the years.

From alien plagues to man-made global killers it’s been interesting looking over the many disasters and the questions posed and how the human race’s survival instincts are engaged against seemingly overwhelming odds.

Perfect for the Monday blues – here are ten films to remind you that you’re far better off than some people…

Check out the neat trailer for The Bay below and click Next below to see immerse yourself in global catastrophe (from a safe distance…).

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  • http://www.facebook.com/ant.neely.9 Ant Neely

    12 Monkeys is a one of my favourite films – looking forward to Gilliam’s next!

  • Fred

    This thing won’t work, can’t get it to move over to the next frame. What’s the deal?

  • cole

    Please learn how to use punctuation mark.s This is what happens when you let ANYONE become a “writer.”

  • luke

    I still think that this is well-written though. Nice choices too and good reflections. But yeah, the punctuation marks, please. We keep reading run-on sentences.