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Top 25 Trailers of 2013

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Top 25 Trailers of 2013Cutting a trailer is an undeniable art form. For a lot of films, that part of the marketing campaign can make or break its box office success. A good trailer can make even a sub-par movie look great, and a great film look all the more exciting. So as we say goodbye to 2013, and welcome all that 2014 has to offer, here’s a run-down of the top 25 trailers of the year, now that it’s finally over.


25. Gravity

Alfonso Cuarón’s Gravity was long one of the year’s most anticipated films, and its arrival didn’t disappoint.

The teaser trailer did a great job of setting up the premise, but its main theatrical trailer is really the one that I warmed to most out of the two. If you’d asked an average member of the public if they knew anything about the movie Gravity about six months ago, they’d probably have told you they’d never heard of it.

Fast forward to today, and it’s by far one of the year’s most successful films, raking in more than $600m. around the world; winning plaudits left, right, and centre, topping various Top 10 Movies of 2013 lists (including our own); and building plenty of momentum towards the Oscars.

For me, it was this trailer that really set the ball rolling for all that to happen, and it’s a perfect example of a well-cut trailer building anticipation amongst eagerly-awaiting audiences.

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