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The Dark Knight Rises, John Carter, The Avengers & More lead Oscars Visual Effects Finalists


2012 has been another huge year for blockbusters, with dozens of big-budgeted, big-scale films hitting the big screen pretty much from the word go. Whilst most blockbusters don’t find themselves as contenders in the majority of categories at the Oscars, one place we continually see them arrive is in the Best Visual Effects category.

The shortlist for the category has been announced for February’s Academy Awards, recognising what the Academy deems to be the best visual effects of the year, regardless of the films’ various successes at the box office.

It’s nice to see the inclusion of the likes of John Carter and Cloud Atlas, both of which didn’t quite find the success they were hoping for at the US box office. Regardless of the figures they’ve grossed, the Academy is clearly still recognising the talents that are beyond impressive that went into creating the films.

The shortlist will be further narrowed down to five final contenders, which will be announced along with the other categories on 10th January, 2013.

The awards ceremony, itself, will then be held on Sunday, 24th February, 2013, and you can be sure we’ll be bringing you following the events on the night as it happens, and hope you’ll be joining us.