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Top Ten Sundance Breakthrough Films

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Sundance London 2013 logo

Last year the Sundance Film Festival hopped across the Atlantic for the inaugural Sundance London Film and Music Festival. For us here in the UK it was a very exciting move, the reputation of the Park City festival ensured the success of the event and it looks set to be a permanent place on the festival calendar as it returns on the 25th of April this year.

As part of our Sundance London coverage we looked back across the years to find ten of the best films to breakout of Utah, films which have made a significant impact on the independent film community and elevated their directors to a worldwide stage while maintaining and celebrating the unique quality of their voice.

Click Next below to see our Top Ten films which broke out of Sundance and keep an eye on the site for all the happenings later this year for Sundance London. Exciting times.

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    Blair Witch sucks. The “sequel” was better.

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