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Tea Leoni Joins Stiller & Murphy in “Tower Heist”


We already knew that Ben Stiller had signed on for “Tower Heist”, a con-artist swindle film set in New York’s Trump Tower. At that point it seemed that Stiller might be due to replace Eddie Murphy, appearing alongside Chris Rock and Chris Tucker.

We then confirmed in August that Brett Ratner would direct and brought you the synopsis, namely that Stiller would lead a group of disgruntled blue-collar workers at the tower who, having lost out through the collapse of a Bernie Madoff-style scheme, decide to carry out a heist at the tower, once they discover that the fraudster responsible is under house arrest in the tower’s penthouse suite.

Now there is more casting news, courtesy of The Wrap, with Tea Leoni (The Family Man, Deep Impact, Bad Boys) on board, along with Gabourey Sidibe (Precious) and Michael Peña (World Trade Center, Crash). It seems likely that Stiller, Murphy and Peña will play members of the group of disgruntled workers and we already know that Alan Alda is on board as the fraudster being targeted by Stiller and co. Contrary to earlier reports, there is no mention in IMDb of Chris’s Tucker or Rock, although Dave Chapelle (Con Air) is mentioned.

Once we have some sort of idea of who’s playing who, we’ll update you.

Title: Tea Leoni Joins Stiller & Murphy in "Tower Heist"
Reviewed by Dave Roper on Oct 27