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The HeyUGuys Interview: Joseph Kosinski Talks Oblivion and Updates on Tron 3


Last week I got to see Oblivion before pretty much anyone which was an absolute privilege as I thought the movie looked absolutely stunning. I’m still not sold on the story but am very eager to see the film again. After seeing the movie, I got to sit down and talk to Director Joseph Kosinski […]

Tron Confirms Tr3n


Break out the neon gaffer tape and fire up the light cycle, User – it looks like we’re heading back to the Grid. After the box office success of 2010’s Tron Legacy (despite a lukewarm critical reception it went on to make $400 million worldwide) and an animated series entitled Tron Uprising on the horizon […]

Cowboys & Aliens Review

Daniel Craig Cowboys & Aliens

Spawned from a graphic novel and possessing the kind of high-concept, easy-sell title which studio executives must have salivated over upon optioning it, Cowboys & Aliens reaches the big screen under the direction of actor-turned A-list director (and seemingly a regular fixture in this season of big-scale blockbusters), Jon Favreau. This time around, the Iron […]

Jeff Bridges Gets R.I.P.D. for Forthcoming Role

Jeff Bridges - Tron Legacy

Roles in high-profile geek-centric films like Iron Man and Tron: Legacy must have proved to be an enjoyable experience for Jeff Bridges. The Wrap reports that the actor is now set to join Ryan Reynolds in comic book adaptation, R.I.P.D. R.I.P.D. (Rest In Peace Department) is the tale of dead police officers who keep watch […]

Tom Cruise to Lead Us Into Oblivion


The name of Tron: Legacy director Joseph Kosinski was attached to the big screen adaptation of the Arvid Nelson graphic novel Oblivion as far back as July of last year and while the premise of humans escaping the scorched ruins of Earth’s surface to live in the clouds is intriguing Universal needed more than ‘From […]

Zoe Saldana & Dennis Quaid Join The Words

zoe saldana

Zoe Saldana (Avatar) and Dennis Quaid (Pandorum) have signed on to star in The Words. Saldana and Quaid will star opposite Bradley Cooper (Limitless) and Jeremy Irons (Being Julia) in the indie drama. The synopsis is both short and sweet. A writer comes to terms with a dark secret. Brian Klugman and Lee Sternthal – who wrote Tron: Legacy […]

Win Tickets to the Tron: Legacy DVD & Reconfigured Album Launch Party @ Heaven Sponsored by HP

Tron Legacy Daft Punk Poster

Now this is a rather awesome prize! Disney have been in touch to offer us 5 pairs of tickets to their Tron: Legacy DVD & Reconfigured Album Launch Party which is taking place in London next Wednesday, 20th April. The party is to celebrate the release of Tron: Legacy on Blu-Ray, DVD, On Demand, and […]

New Tron 3 Teaser Video Revealed

tron 3 tease

The forthcoming Tron: Legacy Blu-ray continues to be a spluttering fountain of teasers for the expected third film in the Tron series, Tron 3 (or Tr3N or Tron: Legacy: Legacy – if you must), which of course hasn’t been confirmed by Disney but doesn’t seem in any real doubt does it? The first teaser video […]

Country Strong Review

CountryStrong 1

The dark side to country music is explored yet again as relationships are put to the test (on and off stage) in Country Strong. Gwyneth Paltrow is country superstar Kelly Canter, a Faith Hill-esque figure (presumably with added hedonistic tendencies) who has fallen on hard times. Finishing a stint in rehab, she’s due to stage […]

Tron: The Next Day – Watch the Tron: Legacy Epilogue

tron the next day

This, we are reliably informed, is the first of two teasers for a third Tron film (or Tr3N if you must) and if you a fan of Tron and its legacy then you’ll simply eat this up. FirstShowing lived up to their name and now we all have the chance to find out what happened […]

Jeff Bridges to Bust Some Ghosts in The Seventh Son

Playing paternal figures in Tron Legacy and True Grit must have proved to be a positive working experience for Jeff Bridges – he has now signed up for a similar role in The Seventh Son. Taken from the first novel in The Wardstone Chronicles (Published in the United States as The Last Apprentice) The Seventh […]

US Tron Legacy Blu-ray Packaging Art Surfaces

Tron Blu-ray 3 cropped

Fans of Tron Legacy (I know there are some of you out there!) may be interested to see what Disney are planning for the film’s small screen release. Coming Soon has unearthed some rather nifty-looking package design from Amazon US of the four different versions on Blu-ray. As to be expected, the original Tron looks […]

A Sequel to Tron: Legacy Already in The Works?

Ain’t It Cool founder and father geek Harry Knowles has posted a news story in which he reveals that through his industry contacts, he’s received word that a sequel to Tron Legacy is “incredibly close” to being announced. He’s goes on to state that the film is set to cross the $300 million mark worldwide, […]

Tron Legacy Lightsuit Featurette

It may have been out in the cinema for a couple of weeks but Disney’s Tron: Legacy is still pulling me in with all the cool stuff that we have coming out for the movie. Last week, we posted Buzz on the grid which, although was unofficial, was still pretty awesome! Today I’ve found this […]

Tronified Cartoon Buzz Lightyear Appears on the Grid

Buzz Tron

Last week we had one of the most popular posts in HeyUGuys history in the form of Buzz Lightyear and a London Bus appearing on The Grid. Now our friends from The Pixar Times have come up with their own version but is slightly more cartoony but is equally as cool. There’s not too much […]

More Disney Characters Get The Tron Treatment!

Tron Jafar

It is of course something of an understatement to say that all things Tron related are flying at us left, right and centre. I think my favourite piece of Tron-related fun is this Buzz Lightyear and London Bus fan art. You can catch all of the essential Tron and Tron: Legacy lowdown, right here. Added […]

Awesome Tron Legacy Fan Art puts Buzz Lightyear and a London Bus on The Grid

Tron Legacy Fan Art - Tube Map

We’ve had our fair share of fan made art and videos already for Disney’s new movie, Tron: Legacy but these were so good that they had to get posted! A user on DeviantArt known as iamclu has published these rather fantastic images that put us right onto The Grid in Tron. Ever wondered what Buzz […]

Tron Leaves a So-so Legacy at the US Box Office

Tron: Legacy is top of the US box office this week, having brought in over $43 million in receipts ($43,600,000). Disney were probably hoping for a bigger figure (the film is budgeted at around $170 million before promotional and advertising costs) but the first film was hardly in the same league as something like Star […]

Tron: Legacy Review

Last week, I got to see the very first UK screening of Disney’s new tent pole movie, Tron: Legacy. The hype for the movie had been building over the past 12 months with various trailers and marketing telling us that this could be the coolest movie we see all year! Disney had arranged the first […]

Alamo Drafthouse / Mondo & Sideshow Collectibles – Tron Posters

Tron: Legacy Net Poster

The guys from Alamo Drafthouse and Sideshow Collectibles have just sent us these rather awesome new posters for Tron and Tron: Legacy, both of which are available to buy with the details below and were designed by Eric Tan. I’ll let the press release do the talking but scroll down to check out these new […]

Tron: Evolution Xbox 360 Review

Tron: Evolution

With the multi-million dollar movie, Tron: Legacy movie coming out later this week, it was simply a formality that a computer game to accompany film would be brought out alongside it. If you’re unfamiliar with the story, Tron (1982) is based around an uber-intelligent programmer named Kevin Flynn (Jeff Bridges) who, through various circumstances manages […]