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The Hey U Guys Instant Watching Guide – September 2nd 2013


  Each week we take a look at what’s new and what’s essential viewing on the various VOD and movie streaming services. Brutal rural violence, a film of echoes which spans centuries, a lovable scruff bunking off school and the most beautiful women in the world – they are all here this week. Whatever you […]

The HeyUGuys Cinema Guide: 24th August


I hope everyone has managed to contain their enthusiasm this week. I hope the weight of expectation hasn’t proven too heavy as you went about your week safe in the knowledge that this weekend, after all the waiting, after the weeks, nay months of expectation, the comedy double bill of the century was finally upon […]

The Three Stooges Review

The Three Stooges

Ditched in a cloud of dirt on the doorstep of the Sisters of Mercy Orphanage, Moe (Chris Diamantopoulos), Larry (Sean Hayes) and Curly (Will Sasso) spend the next thirty-odd years terrorising Mother Superior (Jane Lynch) and her resident nuns with their goofball antics and dim-witted shenanigans. When a three decades-long spate of injuries render the establishment […]

UK Trailer and Poster for The Three Stooges Look as Bad as the US Versions

The Three Stooges Movie Poster

I’ve been slating everything that Fox have brought out for their new movie, The Three Stooges but when you see the trailer, you’ll hopefully see why as it looks terrible! That said, I’ve not actually seen it yet so maybe I should wait to judge it fully when it’s released August 22nd. The Three Stooges […]

A Second Dreadful Trailer for The Three Stooges

The Three Stooges Poster

Yahoo have had the unfortunate privilege of debuting another awful trailer (first one here) for The Three Stooges. To my knowledge, the TV program on which it was based never made it big here in the UK and after seeing this feature length re-make of the show, you can see why. Unfortunately it’s 90 (ish) […]

The Three Stooges Gets First Teaser Trailer & Poster

The Three Stooges Poster

Twentieth Century Fox have released the first trailer for The Three Stooges, the new comedy from The Farrelly brothers (Peter Farrelly and Bobby Farrelly). The movie stars Sean Hayes, Will Sasso, Chris Diamantopoulos, Jane Lynch, Jennifer Hudson, Sofia Vergara, Craig Bierko, Stephen Collins, Larry David and will be with us 2012. Left on a nun’s […]

The Three Stooges Images Slap, Tickle and Poke Their Way Online

Stooges 2

The Farrelly Brothers are currently at work on their long-in-development biopic of that much-loved comedy trio from early in the last century, The Three Stooges, and Movie Web have posted some images from the set. Where once big A-list stars like Benicio del Toro, Jim Carrey and even Sean Penn were once hovering around the […]