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The Asylum DVD Round Up – Ballistica, Anneliese: The Exorcist Tapes, 200 MPH & Almighty Thor

The Asylum

Recent releases by The Asylum have left me debating their oddly fascinating approach, praising when they very occasionally get things right and finding myself more than a little annoyed with their gimmicks. So when four Asylum flicks landed on my doorstep for review I approached with caution but also with as much of an open […]

By The Mighty Uzi of Almighty Thor! New Trailer Breaks Out from The Asylum!

the asylum thor

There is a fine line between effervescent genius and outright insanity and on that line stands The Asylum, finest purveyors of minor classics of rip off cinema whose works feature such titles as Transmorphers and Paranormal Entity. In this age of the ironic hurrah and the high appetite for bad movies sated by the bigger […]

2010: Moby Dick DVD Review

2010 Moby Dick Packshot

The Asylum generally tackle recent releases with their line in mockbusters but here they have decided to adapt classic literature with a modernised take on Moby Dick. Although the 2010 in the title might suggest a reference to the update to present day The Asylum have freely admitted that this actually has more to do […]

8213: Gacy House DVD Review

8213 Gacy House

The Asylum are (in)famous for their ‘mockbuster’ releases. Essentially low budget versions of Hollywood blockbusters these have such memorable names as The Terminators and Transmorphers. Recently though The Asylum appear to have been branching out more with new lines such as a string of sex comedies (including #1 Cheerleader Camp and MILF) and with 8213: […]

Titanic 2 DVD Review

Set on the 100th anniversary of the sinking of the Titanic (that means this film’s set in the future by the way) Titanic II begins with the launching of the USS Titanic II as it embarks on its maiden voyage. The USS Titanic II is a luxury cruise liner which despite its vintage look supposedly […]

Second Titanic 2 Trailer Released

Titanic 2 Poster

Last week we showed you the trailer for Titanic 2 and assured you that it’s really not a joke. Now we have a second trailer to show you and it’s even ‘better’ than the first one. The Asylum (the wonderful people behind this travesty/masterpiece) are calling this trailer the official one and it adds a […]

The Asylum’s Sleazy New Trailer for #1 Cheerleader Camp

Cheerleader Camp Poster

The Asylum are the purveyors of some ‘quality’ exploitative features. The makers of The 18-Year Old Virgin, The Day the Earth Stopped, Mega Shark vs Giant Octopus, The Terminators, Snakes on a Train, Mega Piranha and the forthcoming Titantic 2, to name just a few, The Asylum are set to release a new film that focuses on the […]