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HeyUGuys Reaction Shot – A Remembrance to Cinematic Summers Past

reaction shot logo

Welcome to another instalment of our regular section in which members of the HeyUGuys family discuss a variety of topics concerning all things cinema. We’ll pick a topic inspired by what’s happening in the world of film and invite our writers to voice their opinions, an invitation we extend to you. If you want to […]

Michelle Monaghan Heads to Fort Bliss


Michelle Monaghan, arguably the most underrated actress in Hollywood, has signed on to star in indie drama Fort Bliss. Monaghan, known most for her roles in Source Code, Kiss Kiss Bang Bang and Gone Baby Gone, will stars as female soldier who, after being transferred home after a long tour in Afghanistan, struggles to bond […]

Source Code To Be Adapted For TV

Source Code poster

Duncan Jones’ Source Code, written by Ben Ripley and starring Jake Gyllenhaal and Michelle Monaghan, was a fantastic follow-up to his 2009 debut, Moon, taking almost quadruple its $32m. budget at the box office alone this spring. One of the film’s producers, Mark Gordon, has now sold a TV version of it to CBS, THR […]

Source Code Blu-Ray Review

Source Code poster

After making a fantastic debut in 2009 with Moon, winning himself a BAFTA for an Outstanding Debut by a British Writer, Director, or Producer, all eyes were on Duncan Jones to see how he would fare with his follow-up project. Source Code does not disappoint. There are few young British directors working at the moment […]

Aronofsky and Clooney Show Us Their Human Nature

Darren Aronofsky

Ever since Darren Aronofsky (Black Swan, Pi, Requiem for a Dream) jumped ship from The Wolverine, we have wondered which beach he would finally wash up on. Needless to say, the critical acclaim (and now apparently hefty BO receipts) enjoyed by Black Swan gave Aronofsky some breadth of choice and accordingly, we hear he may […]

Fantastic Artwork for Duncan Jones’ Mute and Source Code and Rise of the Planet of the Apes

rise of the planet of the apes lloyd stas

We love posting some unofficial artwork here on HeyUGuys and these three creations from artist Lloyd Stas are too good to pass by. On his Flickr page (which we were pointed to by LFF and Quiet Earth) there’s a wonderful series of posters for Edgar Wright’s films, even one for his TV show Spaced and […]

Interview: Duncan Jones talks Source Code, Mute and The Wolverine

duncan jones

The critical and commercial success of Source Code has made a lot of Duncan Jones fans happy. The director’s first film, Moon, was a triumphant debut and formed part of the resurgence of intelligent and commercially successful sci-fi seen in the last few years. All eyes were on his next move and Source Code, the […]

The Matrix Revisited – A Summer of Surprise

The Matrix Bullet Time

As the summer of 1999 approached, it was all supposed to be about one film – The Phantom Menace. At long last, some 16 years after Anakin joined Yoda and Obi-Wan in the glowing afterlife, we were going to find out how it all got started. We were teased with an awesome poster, showing young […]

Find Out What’s Coming Up In The Big Picture – April Edition

The Big Picture

Here’s something new for you HeyUGuys readers! This rather nice informative video gives you all the information you’re going to need about what you should be watching at the cinema. April is just around the corner and we have bank holidays coming out of our ears (definitely not complaining!) which means more time to go […]

Source Code Infographic

Source Code Infographic

Duncan Jones’ Moon is one of my favourite films of recent times so to say that I’m excited about seeing it, as well as ridiculously jealous of those who have seen it at previews already, would be something of an understatement. In advance of the film’s release Summit Entertainment have released an interesting infographic which […]

Win Tickets to an Exclusive Double Bill Screening of Duncan Jones’ SOURCE CODE and MOON!

Source Code & Moon

We’ve teamed up with Optimum Releasing to offer 15 lucky readers the chance to win a pair of tickets to attend the ultimate Duncan Jones double bill screening of SOURCE CODE and MOON, to celebrate SOURCE CODE’s release in cinemas April 1st. SOURCE CODE and MOON are Duncan Jones’ only two cinematic features to date […]

The Greatest Movie to Video Game Adaptation Never Made: Duncan Jones’ Moon

moon scumm

Before he dabbled with Source Code for his latest project Duncan Jones directed a sublime sci-fi movie Moon, I’m sure you’ve heard of it. The film’s existential themes and measured narrative pacing in no way lend themselves to a money spinning video game conversion for the XBox 360 or PS3, which makes this imagined adaptation […]

Source Code Review

Duncan Jones’ second film comes to us with a wave of expectation, carrying with it the hopes that the British director can follow up his award scooping debut Moon with something better, something to cement his reputation as one of the most exciting talents of this new century. Source Code, released on the 1st of […]

You Can Watch the First Five Minutes of Source Code Over and Over and Over

source code clip

I’m not sure how much I like the idea of seeing the five opening minutes of a film when we’re close to being able to see the whole thing. I’ve written and posted about Duncan Jones’ Source Code more than any other film in the last month or so, and I am really excited to […]

Odd New International Poster for Source Code

Source Code International Poster

I unfortunately got to SXSW a little too late to see Duncan Jones’ new movie, Source Code but from what we hear, it went down a treat! I guess we’ll just have to wait till it hits UK screenings now since it was the only showing of the movie. Instead, we have this brand new […]

New Stills and Featurette for Duncan Jones’ Source Code

source code 3

Yesterday I made the, frankly stupid, prediction that we’d post nothing more on Duncan Jones’ Source Code until it’s premiere at SXSW tonight. How wrong could I be? Three new stills and a featurette’s worth it seems, as that is what we have on offer for you today, and the stills have Jake Gyllenhaal getting […]

Duncan Jones Confirms Mute Will Be A Graphic Novel – Teases Third Film

mute concept art

While the world and his Gerty waits for the verdict on Duncan Jones’ follow up to Moon when his time bending thriller Source Code premieres in Austin tomorrow night word has escaped about his long awaited sci-fi project Mute. Set in the same universe as Moon, with an epilogue of sorts featuring the character of […]

New TV Spot for Source Code

The Source Code tease continues, with another (and probably the last) piece of the Source Code puzzle we’ll see before the film hits the big screens, and the new TV spot released today will turn heads. There has been a lot of marketing for the film, which is great to see as Duncan Jones has […]

New Images from Duncan Jones’ Source Code

source code 2

Two new images from Source Code for you this morning, including a decent look at the source code ‘chamber’ from which Jake Gyllenhaal jumps into the body of a man who died in a train bombing eight minutes before the fateful event. Living these eight minutes over and over Gyllenhaal’s character has to find the […]

New Poster for Source Code

source code poster

There has been rather a lot of Source Code content on the site of late, and while this presents no ethical problems as we’re very much looking forward to Moonman Duncan Jones’ next, there is increasingly a desire to actually see the film rather than be teased endlessly. So, while we wait for the SXSW […]

Olly Moss Vs. Duncan Jones – Two Amazing Posters for Source Code and Moon

olly moss source code

Only a few short days until Duncan Jones runs through Austin, Texas with his time rewinding/face replacing/bomber finding epic Source Code, which has its premiere at SXSW. If you know HeyUGuys then you’ll know there is something of a love affair between us and Dr Jones and we’re looking forward to taking in the Austin […]