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New International Trailer for Buried

As I’ve said before, I’ve been loving all the marketing for Ryan Reynold’s new movie, Buried. Icon have just sent us the brand new international trailer for the directed by Rodrigo Cortés movie which also stars Robert Paterson, José Luis García Pérez, Stephen Tobolowsky and Samantha Mathis. It’s scheduled for released in the UK October […]

New Behind the Scenes Image from Buried

Ryan Reynolds and director Rodrigo Cortés on the set of "Buried"

MTV have gifted the world with 28 new images for movies that are coming up over the next few months. In a series of posts over the next few hours, I’m going to be putting up the image(s) and giving you a low-down on the cast, the synopsis and the release date (if there is […]

Another Awesome Poster for Ryan Reynold’s Buried

Buried Poster

The posters, trailers and pretty much everything for Ryan Reynold’s  new movie, Buried have been flipping fantastic and I’m pleased to report the latest, and probably last poster for the movie is just as good as the rest. AICN have debuted it and I’ve placed it below. It uses quotes from publications all over the […]

New International Poster for Buried

Buried UK Poster

Empire have just released a brand new international poster for Ryan Reynold’s Buried. It’s pretty much the same as we’ve seen before but no where near as good as the motion poster or the domestic poster that was released a while back. Buried is directed by Rodrigo Cortés and as well as Reynolds, stars Robert […]

UK Poster for Buried


The marketing materials for Buried have so far been pretty spot on. There was a teaser poster, a very cool Saul Bass inspired poster, a motion poster and so much more which you can find here. Icon have now released a UK poster for the film which includes the official UK site for the film […]

New Trailer Shows Ryan Reynold’s Buried


A new full-length trailer for Buried has been posted online by Lionsgate. Yahoo! Movies premiered late last night, just in time for the first day of Comic-Con. The trailer is perfect, creating a true sense of claustrophobia within, and out-with, the film environment. Buried was directed by Rodrigo Cortés, from a script by Chris Sparling and stars […]

Fantastic New Poster for Buried

Buried Retro Poster

First we got the teaser poster, then the teaser trailer and then the motion poster. Now we have another new poster for Buried and this time it is Saul Bass influenced and pretty fantastic. I think Lionsgate are handling the marketing for Buried really well as I think it’s pretty hard to sell to a […]

Awesome New Motion Poster for Buried

The official Buried website have released this awesome new motion poster for Buried, the movie starring Ryan Reynolds who, from what we’ve seen, spends most of his time stuck in a coffin underground in the dark! I’ve embedded the poster below for your viewing pleasure. This new motion poster goes nicely with the one we […]

Teaser Trailer sees Ryan Reynolds Buried

This film came out of Sundance with a pretty positive buzz, and the release of the poster caused people to lie down and take notice. Now there’s a teaser trailer out in the wild and I’m very happy to place it here for your enjoyment. As high concept as they come Rodrigo Cortes’ film Buried […]

First Teaser Poster for Ryan Reynold’s Buried

Buried Teaser Poster

Our good friends over at FirstShowing.net have debuted what I think could be one of the strangest and bravest teaser posters I’ve ever seen. The poster is for Ryan Reynolds’ new movie, Buried and when you look at the poster carefully, you’ll see exactly what they’ve done and what I mean. Don’t get me wrong […]