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Ridley Scott’s Parallel Lines Initiative Begins New 3D Short Film

A highlight of the first half of 2010 was the culmination of Ridley Scott Associates’ collaboration with Philips to create five short films whose only connection were the six lines of dialogue to be used. The Parallel Lines premiere played host to the five films and you can see those films, and read our report […]

UK Exclusive: Go Behind the Scenes of Parallel Lines – Darkroom

A few months ago, Philips embarked on a new idea that they called Parallel Lines. Philips teamed together with Ridley Scott Associates to create five different short movies around the same line of dialogue. One of the movies was directed by Johnny Hardstaff who created Darkroom, which I’ve embedded below for you to check out. […]

Warner and Fox Looking to Expand Carl Erik Rinsch’s Parallel Lines Short ‘The Gift’

Yesterday Dave and I watched the five Parallel Lines short films at a BAFTA screening and saw some pretty impressive work by the five directors. If you’ve not read the article please take a look, not least because we’ve embedded each of the five films into the post, you’ll also have a reference point for […]

Philips Parallel Lines Premiere Report – Watch the 5 Finalists Here

Paralell Lines - Darkroom

The Philips Parallel Lines project held the premiere tonight of its five short films, each containing the same six lines of dialogue, each a totally unique vision. It was a great way to celebrate the art of the short. What was unveiled tonight were five disparate visions, but each sharing in vibrant storytelling and arresting […]

The Philips Parallel Lines Project: A Mysterious Box Received

Philips Parallel Lines Project

Tomorrow evening, Jon and I will be attending a rather special event at BAFTA HQ in London. The event is called the Philips Parallel Lines Project. The project is working together with RSA (Ridley Scott Associates) to produce 5 short films which have one unifying theme. Synopsis: Philips selected a single unifying theme and challenged […]

Competition: Win VIP Tickets to the Philips Parallel Lines Project Screening

Philips Parallel Lines Project

HeyUGuys isn’t all about big budget Hollywood blockers, we love to look at the lesser known but often equally as good (or even better) projects like this one that Philips are working on. The project is called Parallel Lines and this copy from the Philips website gives you a little more of an idea of […]