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Star Wars: The Complete Saga Blu-ray Review

star wars blu-ray art

Reviewing this box set when it is out in stores and in all probability snapped up by eager Star Wars fans seems a little unnecessary. The promise of a shiny high def transfer and the long awaited deleted scenes from the Original Trilogy conspire to tempt you to part with your cash once more, to […]

Six Of The Best – Star Wars Set Pieces

six of the best set pieces star wars

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This may be an exercise in futility, or at least an attempt to distil down a real wealth of material into a fairly artificial concept, however in honour of the Star Wars franchise finally making its way onto Blu-ray, here are my considered nominations for the best set pieces, one per film, of the whole […]

Funny Pic: Snow Jabba the Hutt!

Snow Jabba

You gotta love things like this. When I might see a pile of snow, someone else will see a Jabba the Hutt from George Lucas’ Star Wars and here is that creation! Love it! Thanks to @EricVespe for tweeting it!