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View from the Bottom Shelf: It’s time for Found Footage to get Lost


  The headlines and articles back in summer 1999 said that the film had changed cinema forever. They made extravagant claims that the internet had now been used to such a degree that the marketing and distribution of films would never be the same again. This may have been premature, what these journalists didn’t quite […]

Dane DeHaan joins The Amazing Spider-Man 2


Dane DeHaan (Lawless) has landed the role of Harry Osborne in The Amazing Spider-Man 2. The actor, who burst onto the scene earlier this year with a stand-out performance in Chronicle, will star opposite Andrew Garfield, Emma Stone, Shailene Woodley and Jamie Foxx in the role previously played by James Franco in Sam Raimi’s Spider-Man […]

Hollywood Unhinged – When Teen Superheroes Go Bad

Troubled teens in Chronicle

The superheroes of Chronicle enjoy themselves while a selfish Spider-Man joins Twitter. Superheroes focus on having fun and worry less about the common good in Josh Trank’s Chronicle. Out now on DVD and Blu-ray, the movie features a group of teens who find themselves bestowed with telekinetic powers, but helping cut the local crime stats […]

Interview: Michael B. Jordan and Alex Russell talk Chronicle, Superheroes and Sequels

Chronicle Blu-ray Packshot

Josh Trank’s Chronicle take two well worn cinematic conventions and breathes new life into both with his take on the teen superhero model, Chronicle. I sat down via the magic of the internet to talk with the three leads and you can see the first of two interviews below. My interview with Dane Dehaan will […]

The HeyUGuys UK DVD/Blu-Ray Release Round-Up – 28th May

Chronicle Poster

Last week saw the release of Alexander Payne’s Oscar-winning The Descendants and Steven Soderbergh’s Haywire, and this week brings to our shelves the other big winner at the Academy Awards three months ago, Michel Hazanavicius’ The Artist, alongside (as ever) a slew of other brilliant films. In tandem with the Universal 100th Anniversary Editions that […]

Josh Trank for Shadow of the Colossus

Shadow of the Colossus

Josh Trank, the much sought after director of February’s Chronicle who has since been linked to everything from Spider-man spin-off Venom to 20th Century Fox’s unnecessary Fantastic Four reboot, has today been officially attached to another project entirely: Sony Pictures’ Shadow of the Collossus. Based on the 2005 video-game of the same name, Shadow of the […]

Win Chronicle on Blu-ray!

Chronicle Blu-ray Packshot

Innovative and dark, Chronicle makes for compulsive viewing as it follows high school students Matt, Steve and Andrew as they gain super powers after investigating a mysterious apparition on a night out. Delirious with their new-found abilities of telekinesis, telepathy and flight the boys cause mischief and mayhem around Seattle while chronicling it all on […]

Silent House Review


Like February’s superhero flick Chronicle, Silent House is another genre piece which uses a potentially gimmicky filming format (this time it’s the single, continuous take) to surprisingly good effect. It was the same method deployed in the original Uruguay version a couple of years back, and deemed efficient enough to use again, but despite the […]

The UK Box-Office – The Woman in Black breaks records beating The Best Exotic Marigold Hotel


The box-office in 2011 is struggling. Consistently down on 2011′s takings every single week, your local cinemas are struggling to bring in the customers. Awards season has not been a financial success. Last year The King’s Speech raked in £45.7 million, this year The Artist is struggling to break £8 million (something only 1 out […]

The Box-Office – Chronicle Unsaddles War Horse And Flies Its Way Into The Top Spot


With the exception of the overlooked Young Adult and Martha Marcy May Marlene everything seems pretty much in order this week. Chronicle goes straight in at number one, Journey 2: The Mysterious Island pulling in the family audience and Jack and Jill gaining a well deserved and generous haul of almost a million pounds. Wait, […]

(Chronicle) Found Interview

Chronicle Brazil Poster

*The following post is for entertainment purposes only.* From the moment I woke up that morning I knew something incredible was going to happen. It was press day for the film “Chronicle” and I was set to interview the films Director Josh Trank and the three main cast members Dane DeHaan, Alex Russell and Michael B. […]

Exclusive Chronicle Cast Interviews


I think it’s safe to say that Dane DeHaan, Alex Russell and Michael B. Jordan have pretty bright futures ahead of them.  They’re relationships with each other on screen are believable, brought on by incredible circumstances and full of tension.  Not unlike any relationship you or I might be in. That, in my opinion, is […]

The Box-Office – The Cloons Pulls in the Crowds but Is Pipped To The Post by War Horse


It’s been a more successful week than I thought. But only just. There’s been highs (The Descendants), lows (Like Crazy) and The Grey did so okay for itself that I’ll hardly mention it throughout. Yes it’s been an entirely average week at the box-office, so set your sights low and read on, because d’you know […]

Exclusive Interview with Chronicle Director Josh Trank


Josh Trank is the first guy to tell you that he invites comparisons of his newest film “Chronicle”.  While the film attempts, and succeeds,  to do something unique, Josh has stated that he pulled a lot from projects that inspire him. There are obvious similarities to films you’ve seen before but on a whole “Chronicle” comes […]

Q&A With ‘Chronicle’ Writer-Director Josh Trank


He’s the writer-director of TV series The Kill Point, starring Steve Cirbus, Donnie Wahlberg and Michael Hyatt, about a group of Iraq veterans who pull off a major bank heist. He’s also dabbled in a spot of editing, acting and producing with comedy Big Fan. Now Josh Trank sets his sights higher by taking on […]

Exclusive New Images from Chronicle


Josh Trank’s Chronicle was screened here in the UK a few days ago and the reaction on Twitter was instant and unanimous: with this film Trank has given the found footage school a swift and necessary kick into life and we’ve all got something special to look forward to on the 1st of February. Telling […]

Chronicle Review


Related post – see our interview with Chronicle Director Josh Trank here. These days, it seems the only cinematic way to suitably recreate the belief that unfolding events are ‘real’ and instil a climate of fear is a cross between pseudo-documentary shooting and mimicking the YouTube generation of ‘caught-on-camera’ moments, the likes of which Paranormal […]

Reaction and Footage Description: Chronicle

Chronicle Poster

Yesterday I spent the better part of a beautiful afternoon in Southern California indoors at 20th Century Fox checking out clips from Josh Trank’s directorial debut ”Chronicle”. Normally I hate being inside on insanely warm days in the dead of Winter but this was more than worth it. “Chronicle” tells the story of three teenagers and […]

Exclusive Clip from Chronicle – “Baseball Test”

Chronicle Cave

I spent the better part of this afternoon walking around the 20th Century Fox lot preparing for the studio to show a few bloggers some new footage from their upcoming found-footage film “Chronicle” We shared the newest 60-second trailer with you yesterday but after today we have been given an exclusive clip to share with […]

More Footage Found For Found-Footage Superhero Film Chronicle

Chronicle Movie

Neither superhero films nor found footage films can lay any great claim to novelty, but then as a wise man once said, there is nothing new under the sun and most any genre or story could be shown to be derivative to some degree. Whether Chronicle will bring enough freshness to grab and hold our […]

New Poster for Sci-Fi ‘Chronicle’

1Sht (Page 1)

A new poster for science fiction film Chronicle has been released this week, and if you haven’t already seen the trailer for this film, I recommend that you carry on reading. Set in found footage format, three high school friends (Dane DeHaan, Alex Russell and Michael B. Jordan) gain superpowers after making an incredible discovery. […]