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Win Tickets to the Gala Screening of Yogi Bear

To celebrate the release of “Yogi Bear in 3D”, in cinemas February 11th, Warner Bros. Pictures are offering one lucky winner and four friends the chance to attend the Gala Screening of “Yogi Bear in 3D” at a London West End venue on Sunday, 6th February. Live-Action/ CG Animated Adventure in 3D. Everyone’s favourite pic-a-nic […]

Fan Made Trailer: BooBoo Blows Yogi Bear Away!


After seeing the three previous Yogi Bear trailers, we’re not holing out too much hope that the movie is going to be good – if they cant get the voices right, then what hope do we have for the entire film? I guess we’ll have to give it a chance but YouTube user, estefez has […]

Yet Another Yogi Bear Poster

Yogi Bear Poster 3

Two days after Dave posted the third (yes, third) trailer for the 3D/CG Yogi Bear comes this new poster and the marketing arm of Warner Bros. have wisely not repeated the so-obvious-it-can’t-be-a-mistake-can-it? double entendre of this poster. This latest poster visually assaults you with its promise of hyper kinetic fun, though I still have no […]

Third Trailer Released for Yogi Bear

The first two trailers (1st here, 2nd here) looked pretty poor and I’m afraid the third doesn’t look too great either. It a world where CGI can be so fantastic, it really looks like this has been done on some-one’s home computer. And what the heck is going on with the voices? Surely they should […]

New Yogi Bear 3D Trailer

yogi bear trailer

If the first trailer did nothing for you, and the weird poster didn’t convince you to book time off in February 2011 for the sadly inevitable 3D CG/live action whirligig of a Yogi Bear movie then this trailer will do nothing to change that. There’s slapstick, food fights, pick-a-nic baskets and much mugging from Tom […]

Three New Character Banners for Yogi Bear

Yogi Bear - Booboo

A few new character banner posters for Yogi Bear have been released on the official Warner Bros. website.  A trailer came out a week or two ago for the classic cartoon which has been turned into a movie but unfortunately it looks pretty terrible – or is it just me? Yogi Bear is directed by […]