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The Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn – Part 2 tops the Razzies with 7 Awards


In contrast with the Oscars, as we head towards the end of the awards season this year, the Razzies celebrate what they (in many cases, unfairly) deem to be the year’s worst contributions in the film industry. Recent years have had the tendency to focus on a select few films and/or filmmakers/actors, and then nominate […]

Razzies Nominations Announced: Twilight up in Every Category

Twilight Pants

The awards season is most definitely upon us, with this morning’s announcement of the BAFTA nominations, celebrating some of the finest talent in the industry from 2012. And whilst most of the ceremonies look to highlight the best, there’s always one that goes in the opposite direction to take a look at what they feel […]

HeyUGuys UK DVD/Blu-ray Round-Up – 20th August

Marley Poster

Last week saw the release of a handful of new international films, with Jo Nesbø’s Headhunters topping the list, and this week brings with it a rather different line-up, with Peter Berg’s Battleship being the biggest name amongst the new arrivals, opposite Kevin Macdonald’s critically acclaimed documentary, Marley. My picks of the week: Kevin Macdonald’s […]

Win a offshore powerboat taster session with Battleship on DVD and Blu-ray™ with Ultraviolet™

Battleship Blu-ray with UltraViolet (3D) (Large)

Plunge into high octane action, suspense and state-of-the-art visual effects as Battleship is released on Blu-ray™ with UltraViolet™ digital copy, DVD and to download from the 20th August. From director and producer, Peter Berg (Hancock, Friday Night Lights) comes this ocean bound, thrilling action adventure. The world’s naval forces are called upon to save the […]

Brilliant! – Battleship Gets a Hungry Hungry Hippos Poster

Hungry Hungry Hippos Battleship

We’ve all become very familiar with the Battleship posters for Peter Berg’s new film as it’s currently doing the marketing cicruit on busses, bus shelterns, trailers and cinemas. Dave Plankton made it for b3ta.com and what an amazing job he has done! It’s an amazing parody poster for the movie using Hungry Hungry Hippos! It […]

UK Cinema Release Round-up : 13th April


This week’s release schedule is dominated by two very different movie beasts. One is horror movie ‘game-changer’, The Cabin in the Woods, the other is a mega-budget Sci-Fi movie about the navy fighting off an alien invasion called Transformers of the Sea. Sorry, my mistake, it’s called Battleship, named after the popular board game…….Battleship. The […]

Interview: Brooklyn Decker talks Battleship

Brooklyn Decker - Battleship

Battleship is released in UK cinemas today. If you’ve missed our coverage of it so far, click here because we have a plethora of trailers, posters and interviews. Today, we get to hear from one of the female leads in the movie, Brooklyn Decker courtesy of our friend James Kleinmann who met her last week […]

Battleship Review

rihanna battleship

A few years ago we were looking at the very real possibility of a big screen adaptation of every popular board game on the face of the Earth. Ridley Scott was to bring us Monopoly, Ouija is now being turned out as a found footage chiller and we can expect everything from Cluedo to Snakes […]

Exclusive Interview: Taylor Kitsch talks Battleship

Taylor Kitsch - Battleship Interview

Yesterday we had our interview with Director Peter Berg and today we get to hear from the lead actor in Universal Pictures’ new movie Battleship. The man in question is Taylor Kitsch and you may know him from recently released Disney movie John Carter. John Carter had very mixed reviews from the critics and was […]

Hollywood Unhinged – How to spot an evil alien

Taylor Kitsch gets panicky in Battleship

On Rihanna the weapons expert and why evil aliens might one day fancy a time out. Battleship – a big summer movie that looks a lot like Transformers – opens this week. The USD200 million movie introduces the world to Rihanna The Actress. She plays a no-nonsense weapons expert helping her Navy colleagues (including Taylor […]

First Clip from Battleship sees the Aliens Unleash Carnage


I’ll admit I was a sceptic at first, but all that we’ve seen over the past few months from Peter Berg’s Battleship has convinced me that we’re in for a lot of fun when it’s released tomorrow. Berg’s last feature was the awesome Hancock, and no more needs to be said beyond that. After getting […]

Exclusive Interview: Director Peter Berg talks Battleship

Peter Berg - Battleship

Last week, I got to hang out in a fancy hotel room to chat with a Director who has a rather large passions for all the US Navy. This hobby has landed him a rather epic new movie which has the name Battleship and it’s sailing it’s way into UK cinemas in a couple of […]

Win Merchandise from Battleship

Battleship Merchandise

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Peter Berg (Hancock) produces and directs the epic scaled action adventure BATTLESHIP starring Taylor Kitsch, Brooklyn Decker, Alexander Skarsgård, Rihanna and Liam Neeson and it hits UK shores nationwide on 11th April. To celebrate the film’s release, we have a set of Exclusive merchandise for one lucky winner including Battleship Cap, waterproof case, Bag, T-Shirt, […]

The Aliens Emerge in New Battleship Featurette: A Look Inside


The past few months have seen a pretty impressive promotional campaign for Peter Berg’s latest blockbuster, Battleship, which has moved me from being a sceptic to more excited than I anticipated. All the special effects we’ve been seeing have been beyond impressive, and now Apple have debuted a new featurette that takes a look inside, […]

New Battleship Featurette – Explosions, Aliens, Battleships, Etc.


Of course we haven’t seen it yet, but it seems fair to predict that Battleship is going to be big, brash, silly fun at best. The latest teaser-featurette is very much in that vein, fleshing out a back story about sending signals to other planets that seem capable of supporting life and an alien scouting […]

WonderCon 2012: Live Blog – Twentieth Century Fox, Universal Pictures & Sony Pictures

WonderCon Logo

WonderCon 2012 is here people and our man on the ground, Brenden Toda is currently sitting in the epic Ballroom at the Anaheim Convention Center in California ready to soak up as much new movie news as he can shake a stick at! Today, we have panels for Twentieth Century Fox, Open Road Films, Universal […]

Japanese Battleship Trailer has Robots and Water


With the recent Japanese Avengers trailer and poster it seems fitting to serve up this fresh slice of Japanese Battleship trailer. I can’t guarantee it’ll make the film look any less silly but at least there’s a little more MASSIVE ROBOT LOOMING and CRASHING to be had. Liam Neeson, Taylor Kitsch and the one and […]

New Explosion- and Effects-Heavy Trailer for Battleship Hits

Battleship US Poster

Peter Berg returns behind the camera for his first feature since 2008’s Hancock with Battleship, Universal’s adaptation of the classic board game, with a cast headed up by Taylor Kitsch, Alexander Skarsgård, Liam Neeson, Brooklyn Decker, Josh Pence, Tadanobu Asano, and of course, Rihanna, who’s making her acting debut. Brothers Jon and Erich Hoeber (whose […]

Exclusive Interview – Taylor Kitsch Talks John Carter, Barsoom and Chihuahuas

Taylor Kitsch - John Carter

It’s been a bit of an odd ride with John Carter. Quite apart from finding the film somewhat underwhelming, my interview with director, Andrew Stanton ended up being a little more difficult than I expected, while Lynn Collins discussed working in a skimpy outfit, and Willem Dafoe showed a surprising interest in motion capture. With […]

Four Dull New UK Battleship Posters strive for Naughty and Cool, Achieve Neither

Battleship UK Poster (2)

It’s easy to see why Universal are choosing to add a dash of Michael Bay-esque military fetishism to their board-game movie Battleship and the Hasbro connection is only one part of the similarities evident from the trailers. These new posters give us the thousand yard stare of Liam Neeson (he’s looking at someone waving his […]

Terrible International Poster for Battleship

Battleship Poster

Following on from the new international trailer for Battleship that hit last night, we have this rather naff poster for the movie which we’ll get to see April 11th. Billed as Transformers at sea, time will tell if this movie is going to be any good. I am actually of the belief that it will […]