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First Red-Band Clip & Poster for This Is The End with Seth Rogen, Jay Baruchel & James Franco


This Is The End is by far one of the most anticipated films hitting the big screen next year, marking the directorial debuts of co-writers Seth Rogen and Evan Goldberg (Pineapple Express, Superbad). Previously titled The Apocalypse, Jay and Seth vs. the Apocalypse, and The End of the World, the film has officially been re-titled […]

New Trailer for Epic with Colin Farrell, Beyoncé, Amanda Seyfried & Josh Hutcherson


The increasingly prominent animation house, Blue Sky Studios (Ice Age, Rio), are returning next year to bring us Epic, an animated adventure that promises to live up to the brilliance of its name. Directed by Chris Wedge (Ice Age), the film boasts an all-star voice cast, and we got to see the first teaser trailer back […]

Colourful New Posters and Banners for Ice Age: Continental Drift

Ice Age Continental Drift poster 1

Ice Age: Continental Drift, the fourth instalment of the incredibly popular franchise, hits cinemas on wide release this Friday, and after the last film took almost $900m. worldwide, I’m very interested to see how Ice Age 4 will compare. Granted, Dawn of the Dinosaurs didn’t have The Amazing Spider-Man the week before and The Dark […]

First Trailer for Beyonce Voiced Animated Movie, ‘Epic’

Epic Logo

Here’s the first trailer for Epic which features voices from Beyonce, Amanda Seyfried, Johnny Knoxville and Josh Hutcherson. The trailer looks intriguing and is well worth a watch. The old woman is ill & her garden is in peril. The good, brave bugs, the doodlebugs, want to help her. So they climb the highest branch […]

Colin Farrell, Beyonce, Josh Hutcherson, Aziz Ansari & More lead Awesome Voice Cast of ‘Epic’

Colin Farrell

Oscar-winning director Chris Wedge (Ice Age) will be making his return with Epic, an animated feature that has assembled a brilliant ensemble of voices for its leading cast. 20th Century Fox Animation and Blue Sky Studios, the animation studio behind Ice Age, Rio, and Horton Hears A Who!, have put together an impressive cast, Deadline […]

Aziz Ansari Joins Seth Rogen and Evan Goldberg’s ‘The Apocalypse’


Continuing his run with the Apatow crowd, Aziz Ansari is the latest to join the cast of Seth Rogen and Evan Goldberg’s upcoming epic comedy, The Apocalypse. Written and directed by Rogen and Goldberg with co-writer Jason Stone, The Apocalypse follows two guys who take on the end of the world. Formerly known as Jay […]

New Ice Age 4: Continental Drift Trailer Looks ‘Cool’

Ice Age 4 Continental Drift UK Poster

I’ve never been too sure of the Ice Age series. They look beautiful and some of the characters are well drawn with some fantastic talent behind the virtual camera with regards, in particular,  to the comedy timing of some of the slapstick but it’s not a series I’ll think of returning to. Going against my […]

New Images of Scrat in Peril from Ice Age: Continental Drift

Ice Age: Continental Drift 1

Having just got a new trailer for Ice Age: Continental Drift yesterday parodying Michel Hazanavicius’ The Artist, we now have three fantastic new images from the film showcasing Scrat in his usual perilous situations on his quest for the almighty acorn. Co-directed by Steve Martino and Mike Thurmeier, the fourth film has its usual brilliant […]

New Trailer for ‘Ice Age: Continental Drift’ Parodies The Artist

Ice Age 4 Continental Drift UK Poster

We’re just a few days away from the 84th Academy Awards, and Michel Hazanavicius’ The Artist is of course a big contender and expected to do very well on Sunday night. A brand new trailer for Ice Age: Continental Drift has surfaced that parodies Hazanavicius’ silent film, and as you can imagine, it’s pretty great, […]

Ice Age: Continental Drift Gets a New Short – Scrat’s Continental Crack-Up Part 2

Ice Age - Contintental Drift - Scrat's Continental Crack Up Poster

The best thing about the Ice Age franchise for me (and for no doubt many others) has to be Scrat, the poor prehistoric saber-toothed squirrel who will do absolutely anything to get just an acorn. For three movies past now, I’ve been willing him onto reaching his goal! Apple have released a new short for […]

New Ice Age 4 Poster has Teeth

Ice Age 4 Continental Drift UK Poster

What today really needed was a new poster for the latest installement in a popular animated franchise and crikey – if the folks at Fox haven’t obliged. Ice Age 4: Continental Drift reunites Ray Romano, Queen Latifah, John Leguizamo and Denis Leary in this new tale, which focuses on the character of Scrat. I’ve warmed […]

Star Wars: The Complete Saga Blu-ray Review

star wars blu-ray art

Reviewing this box set when it is out in stores and in all probability snapped up by eager Star Wars fans seems a little unnecessary. The promise of a shiny high def transfer and the long awaited deleted scenes from the Original Trilogy conspire to tempt you to part with your cash once more, to […]

Lucasfilm Releases Brilliant Star Wars “Use The Force For Good” Celebrity Cancer Benefit Video

Emma Stone

We’ve had a brilliant week filled with Star Wars-related goodness (which you can catch up on here) celebrating the release of Star Wars on Blu-Ray for the first time on Monday. Now that we’ve had our week, it’s time for America to have theirs, with the box set coming out there today, and Collider report […]

30 Minutes or Less Review

30 minutes or less poster

The trailer looked good enough but my expectations has been set fairly low by early comments about 30 Minutes or Less, but I am happy to report I completely disagreed with them. Although admittedly not the best comedy of the summer, it will surpass your expectations and be exactly what it’s advertised as; Jesse Eisenberg […]

Scrat Clings On For Dear Life As He Drifts Away In First Ice Age 4 Poster

Ice Age 4 poster

One of the biggest animated success stories made outside of Disney or DreamWorks has been the Ice Age series, with each of the first three films earning more and more at the box office. The teaser trailer for the fourth film, Ice Age: Continental Drift, landed back at the start of the year, and now […]

New Poster Released for 30 Minutes or Less

30 Minuets or Less Poster

If you’ve missed the trailer and our over coverage from Jesse Eisenberg’s new movie, 30 Minutes or Less, then click here as they’re well worth a watch. The movie is directed by Ruben Fleischer (Zombieland) and stars Aziz Ansari , Jesse Eisenberg , Danny McBride, Michael Pena and Nick Swardson. As you’ll see from the […]

Great New Restricted Promo Clip For 30 Minutes Or Less With Jesse Eisenberg

30 minutes or less poster

A few days ago, the first posters for Ben Stiller’s Tower Heist came out, and I said that it would be one of the two best heist movies of 2011. I’d just like to amend that slightly, and add 30 Minutes Or Less to the top three heist movies of the year, and this new […]

Nick Frost And Others Join Ice Age 4

Continental Drift

Ice Age – quite possibly the least historically accurate franchise ever – is set to return with a fourth instalment, currently subtitled Continental Drift. Variety’s report indicates that the acorn-starved actions of Scrat will trigger a chain reaction which ultimately reunites Sid the sloth with his family. Along with the usual assortment of prehistoric plot […]

Comic-Con: 30 Minutes or Less Footage Screened at Sony Panel

30 minutes or less poster

Last week at Comic-Con Sony Pictures brought about 7 minutes of footage for the forthcoming film 30 Minutes or Less with panelists Nick Swardson and Aziz Ansari. Unfortunately co-star Danny McBride was wrapped up with shooting Eastbound & Down so he couldn’t make it to the panel, but he did send a hilarious pre-recorded message […]

Line Up for the New 30 Minutes or Less Poster

30 minutes or less poster

You’ve had images and trailers (both green and red band) for Ruben Fleischer’s new kidnap-a-pizza boy comedy and now there’s a new poster. I know. Jaws from the floors please, here’s your chance to see Jesse Eisenberg wearing perhaps the world’s first ‘comedy’ bomb vest. 30 Minutes or Less stars Jesse Eisenberg , Danny McBride, Fred Ward, Nick […]

Green Band Trailer for 30 Minutes or Less

30 Minutes or Less - Jesse Eisenberg & Aziz Ansari

I know – you’ve only just been hit by the comedy bank robbery bandwagon with your recent look at Flypaper with Patrick Dempsey and Ashley Judd, and now we have another trailer for 30 Minutes or Less, a tale of pizza, banks and bombs with hilarious consequences. 30 Minutes or Less is directed by Ruben Fleischer […]