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First Full-Length Trailer for Finding Nemo 3D

Finding Nemo

After getting a nice little teaser for the re-release of Finding Nemo in 3D at the start of the year, the film’s first full-length trailer has made its way online to reintroduce you to the 2003 film that took home the Academy Award for Best Animated Feature. The film is the second of the four […]

First Trailer Surfaces For Finding Nemo 3D

Finding Nemo

After The Lion King 3D did tremendously well at the box office towards the end of last year, Disney and Pixar announced that they would be bringing back four from their collection – two each – to the big screen in 3D. Kicking things off will be Beauty and the Beast, which the States are […]

Video Vault: 25 Years of Pixar Retrospective – “Finding Nemo”

Finding Nemo Barracuda

My overriding memory of Finding Nemo is one of uncontrollable laughter. As Dory endeavours to communicate with a resident whale, I put my need for oxygen on hold and proceeded to crack up, guffaw and generally LOL hysterically. While I adore all of Pixar’s movies (yes, even Cars), and might hold Wall-E as the height […]