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10 More DC Superheroes Who Deserve Their Own TV Series

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The massive success of Arrow has led to Warner Bros. putting the focus on bringing more of their DC characters to the small screen. The upcoming second season of that  show will introduce The Flash (played by Grant Gustin) before he speeds off into his own series, while it was recently revealed that a Jim Gordon centric series set in Gotham is heading to Fox  (you can find our top 10 choices for who should play the character by clicking here) and Constantine is being brought to NBC.

So, with the studio seemingly putting the focus on television rather than movies, who should join Green Arrow, The Flash, Detective Jim Gordon and John Constantine on the small screen? Here are top ten suggestions! Be sure to tell us what you think in the comment section below.




Christopher Nolan apparently asked that the world of Batman be left well alone while he worked on his Dark Knight Trilogy (hence why the character never appeared in Smallville), but now that that’s over, Warner Bros. are free to exploit the Caped Crusader as they see fit.

With Batman/Superman set to feature an older and more experienced Bruce Wayne, this series could serve as a – loose –prequel to that new franchise. Alternatively, they could go back even further to when he was training, especially as the new Batman’s origins will more than likely be left untouched when Ben Affleck first dons the cape and cowl on the big screen in 2015.

That leaves an awful lot of ground for this series to cover and would allow a younger actor to be cast.

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