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We Are The Freaks Review

we are the freaks jamie blackley

Falling somewhere between being a satirical social commentary and a full on teen comedy caper – Justin Edgar’s We Are The Freaks may be somewhat chaotic in many regards, yet maintains a genial spirit and distinct watchability, marking the continuously fledging careers of a handful of talented, young British actors. One of which is Jamie […]

Tribeca 2014: 5 To 7 Review


Victor Levin’s new film, 5 To 7, is a rehashing of the “struggling young writer finds inspiration through life experience” story with all of the tropes you could hope (or not)  to find.  Even the more predictable elements are at play, with a weepy love story pushing the narrative forward.  Even though this may be too […]

The Informant Review

the informant

In spite of the dramatic potential in the real events this Julien Leclercq thriller is based upon, not to mention the credentials of the leading cast – regrettably The Informant is a somewhat generic production, that neither does little to impress nor offend. While making for extremely easy viewing in that regard, you can’t but […]

After the Night Review

After the Night

At first glance what would appear to be a story framed within the teeming favelas of Rio de Janeiro, is actually a gangland yarn set in the similarly rundown (if previously unexplored cinematically) Creola slums of Lisbon, Portugal. With After the Night, young Swiss-born filmmaker Basil da Cunha has sculpted a dark, moody and satisfyingly […]

Bates Motel Season 2 Episode 4 Review – Check Out


Following a shocking yet unsurprising case of family secrets unveiled last week, the shockwaves within the Bates family were bound to be reverberated from wall to wall and this week the aftermath was certainly felt by all, both inside and outside the family. After a party last week that introduced further players into this ever […]

Tribeca 2014: About Alex Review


  In the 1983 drama The Big Chill a group of estranged college friends converge on a country home in the wake of their friend Alex’s suicide and reflect on their pasts, futures, relationships, and evolving (or regressing) world views.  In 2014′s About Alex a group of estranged college friends converge on a country home in the […]

The Other Woman Review


Though female centric comedies have been something of a triumph of late, with the likes of Bridesmaids illuminating the big screen and TV series such as Girls doing much of the same on the smaller one, regrettably Nick Cassavetes’ The Other Woman misfires, playing up to the notion of empowerment in an all too contrived, […]

Game of Thrones Season 4 Episode 3 Review – ‘Breaker of Chains’

Breaker of Chains

Life in Westeros can be dizzyingly bleak for any family, regardless of wealth or stature. In the wake of last week’s episode (which has gone viral now so chances are you all know), the poisoning of King Joffrey (Jack Gleeson) has draped doubt and sorrow across King’s Landing and has seen Master of Coin Tyrion […]

Tribeca 2014: Life Partners Review


  Many relationship comedies tend to explore themes of bonding and dependency while not offering anything new to the audience, offering trite platitudes instead of truth.  The characters are often young and uncharacteristically manic, the circumstances of the story are often too far-fetched to ever exist within the realm of reality, and the happy ending […]

The Sea Review


Following on from John Jencks’ absorbing drama The Fold, comes another low-budget British production studying grief in a quite fascinating manner, as debutant Stephen Brown’s The Sea provides an insight into one man’s suffering with the loss of his wife, and how he revisits an old tragedy to help himself get over a new one. […]

Reaching for the Moon Review


Distinguished American wordsmith Elizabeth Bishop is renowned for her non-confessional, somewhat impersonal approach to poetry, as though peering in at the world from the outside and not always commenting from within. While certainly tender, she was sometimes described as being detached – and this Bruno Barreto biopic frustratingly abides by such a principle, almost shadowing […]

Bates Motel Season 2 Episode 3 Review – Caleb


In its previous episode, Bates Motel teased us with the revelation that the Bates family is bigger than we imagined, with her brother Caleb mentioned. While family reunions tend to be favourable affairs, this is one member whose presence is not welcome, following Norma’s explanation to Norman how her brother used to make her perform […]

Rerelease: The King and the Mockingbird Review


A significant mark in the history of animation, The King and the Mockingbird celebrates the 30th anniversary of its UK release with a fully restored theatrical release. Based on Hans Christian Anderson’s fairy tale The Shepherdess and the Chimney Sweep, Paul Grimault’s interpretation takes place in an obscure kingdom powered by strings and pulleys and reigned […]

Game of Thrones Season 4 Episode 2 Review – ‘The Lion and the Rose’

The Lion and the Rose

Weddings in Westeros are dangerous things; the uniting of families – all at war with one another in some manner – means chaos in all shapes and sizes is likely to ensue. With the aftermath of ‘The Red Wedding’ long lingering in the memory, the events which unfold at King Joffrey (Jack Gleeson) and Queen […]

The Love Punch Review


Though narrowly – and somewhat unfairly – missing out on an Oscar nomination for her portrayal of P.L. Travers in the brilliant Saving Mr. Banks, British actress Emma Thompson now returns with something a little lighter, but by no means more entertaining, as she stars alongside Pierce Brosnan in Joel Hopkins’ comedy caper, The Love […]

Wrinkles Review


Upon learning that a film is presented as an animation, you can’t help but assume the picture is targeting a younger crowd, hoping to win over both adults and children alike. However Ignacio Ferreras’ Wrinkles is certainly one for the former, as a poignant drama that handles a series of tragic themes, such as death, […]

Theatre: Once the Musical Review

Extra Once 2

Once is a rare wonder of a show. Based on the Oscar-winning film, this Tony and Grammy-scooping musical will wound and lift your heart and demands to be seen. And if you can, see it before May 10th for a chance to witness Arthur Darvill stepping firmly out of the shadow of Doctor Who to […]

The Lunchbox Review


Now I don’t know about you, but whenever I’ve succumbed to having a packed lunch, it’s consisted mainly of a ham sandwich, cheese and onion crisps and a satsuma, or banana if I’m lucky. Irrfan Khan’s Saajan Fernandes, on the other hand, is treated to a selection of the most aromatic, delectable of Indian courses […]

The Quiet Ones Review


Hammer Films attempt to recapture its glory days with new horror The Quiet Ones, designed to play mind games while gradually unsettling the viewer as to the ethics of what transpires. It all sounds like a solid, nostalgic premise with a touch of the demonic – though reliant on our faith in what we’re witnessing […]

The Amazing Spider-Man 2 Review


For all of the criticism that seemingly superfluous sequels, remakes and reboots receive, of which Marc Webb’s The Amazing Spider-Man trilogy came under great scrutiny, you simply can’t fault the superhero genre at present, with such a high calibre of production being churned out every few months. It seems to be a continuing trend, as […]

Theatre: Let the Right One In Review

let the right one in

When the Apollo Theatre’s roof partially collapsed last December, the Olivier Award-winning Curious Incident Of The Dog In The Night-Time had to up sticks and chase its tail elsewhere. Fast-forward four months and that same roof is very much at the forefront of your mind, but for completely different reasons. For if you gaze up […]