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Red Band US Trailer for Attack The Block


Perhaps in the interests of trying to build up a bit more momentum for the US release, we have had the pleasure of Joe Cornish’s feature debut, Attack the Block, here in the good old UK for a little while now. Further anticipation was fanned by a series of special advance screenings in the US at select cinemas and the film seems to have gone down generally very well and so it should have. You can refresh your memory regarding all we have said about it by clickifying here.

For a debut directorial effort, featuring an inexperienced cast and operating on a budget that would just about cover the cost of a large poster for Transformers 3, it is an exceptionally cinematic and accomplished film and it is to be sincerely hoped that it fares well on that side of the pond.

Those lovely folks at Trailer Addict have got themselves a red band trailer for this tale of inner city tower blocks, disenfranchised youth and razor-toothed aliens and you can enjoy it below, as long as you are old enough. Oh and by the way, NSFW. Allow it.

Title: Red Band US Trailer for Attack The Block
Reviewed by Dave Roper on Jun 18