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Real Steel Trailer Mashes up Fight Club and Transformers


The first rule of Real Steel is that you don’t talk about Transformers. Looking to mix up the sensibilities of Rocky and Transformers Real Steel has got its first trailer today.

Thanks to the emerging popularity of Robot Boxing washed up fighter Hugh Jackman retakes centre stage as he builds  mechanical competitors to kick other robots in the nuts and bolts. He teams up with his son, played by Dakota Goyo, to construct the ultimate metal masher. Stick Craig Charles in the role of ring announcer and you’ve got Robot Wars for the 21st Century.

Coming the day after the Transformers 3 trailer didn’t do this one any favours but it looks all sorts of silly fun, and with an original story from Richard Matheson and Shawn Levy stepping behind the camera this one could be a lot of fun.

Here’s your trailer,

Title: Real Steel Trailer Mashes up Fight Club and Transformers
Reviewed by Jon Lyus on Dec 9