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New International Trailer For Drive


Although its synopsis seems pretty derivative (stunt driver by day/getaway driver by night gets caught up with the wrong people), everything we’ve seen of Drive so far appears to mark it out as anything but.

Ryan Gosling is on the up and up after Half Nelson, Blue Valentine and Crazy, Stupid, Love and clearly is more than capable of turning what could have been a cookie-cutter character into something more meaningful.

Similarly, director Nicolas Winding Refn is far from a hack for hire, having delivered the frankly bonkers but stylistically unique Valhalla Rising and now trying his hand at something seemingly a little more accessible. This latest international trailer (you can tell, cos it has French subtitles) doesn’t give us an awful lot that is new, but does show us a good deal of what to expect without seeming to give too much away.

Check it out, enjoy and give thanks to Coming Soon, the provider of this bounteous feast.

Title: New International Trailer For Drive
Reviewed by Dave Roper on Aug 25