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More Pics and Casting for McG’s “This Means War”


We brought you this post a few weeks back, showing Reese Witherspoon and Tom Hardy working away on “This Means War”, McG’s latest film about two friends (Hardy and Star Trek’s Chris Pine) who fall out over a girl (Witherspoon) and destroy New York City in the ensuing fight for her affections.

The Playlist brings us news now that Angela Bassett (What’s Love Got To Do With It?, Supernova) has joined the cast, as a senior CIA agent (just how out of control are Hardy and Pine going to get?) and they have also brought us the on-set snaps set out below. From the look of them, Pine and Hardy are getting stuck into each other nicely and given how well they have both handled action and fight sequences in the past, a dust up between them should be plenty of fun.

This Means War is due for release in 2011, possibly during what is already looking like a pretty crowded summer schedule.

Title: More Pics and Casting for McG's "This Means War"
Reviewed by Dave Roper on Dec 3