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The HeyUGuys Interview: Kick-Ass Creator Mark Millar Discusses the Much Awaited Sequel


Mark Millar

Some writers like to distance themselves from film adaptions of their work – but Mark Millar, who penned the superhero comic Kick-Ass, has been more than keen to remain involved in his creation, as the executive producer of the cinema franchise which now returns with a second outing – speaking to us ahead of the films August 14 release.

Kick-Ass 2 brings all of our favourite characters back together (along with a few news ones) in what proves to be a worthy second offering for director Jeff Wadlow and co. Millar discusses with us his take on this adaptation of his writing, and how protective over the content he can be. Plus he speaks about a little cameo role he has in the second film, while also confirming to us that there will be a third – and final – Kick-Ass film.