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LEGO CUUSOO Give us – LEGO Jurassic Park!


LEGO Jurassic Park 1

Following on from the epic release of the Back to the Future LEGO set, the clever LEGO community have come up with yet another gem in the form of Jurassic Park! If you’re not familiar with CUUSOO, it’s a scheme driven by LEGO fans to help create clever new and inventive sets which are made by the LEGO community. Users vote on sets they love and if these sets get over 10000 votes, they get the chance of being made officially by LEGO.

This happened recently with the abovementioned Back to the Future set which will be available for release any time soon.

Here’s a few shots from the CUUSOO website which gives you a better look at what the set could look like if it gets made. This particular set has been made by User Senteosan and we’re hoping it gets the official nod from both Universal Pictures and LEGO because we want to make it right now!

Click the images below to enlarge.

Thanks to @TotalFilm for the heads up. Source: CUUSOO.