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Inception Viral Site Discovered


The door is opening ever wider on Christopher Nolan’s Inception and following the Wondercon Dream Machine T-shirt (which we didn’t get our hands on when we were there) but keen QR code people decrypted the imprinted logo on the back of the shirt and wonder of wonders, it pointed to a viral web site for the film.

The site it points to is www.pasivdevice.org/ which has a lovingly created online manual for the Dream Machine and which culminates in a rudimentary interactive activation of the machine which then leads onto a further site www.mind-crime.com where there’s a web game which reveals a few more clues to exactly what this film is all about.

It’s worth a play, don’t expect too much though, and if you’re after hard answers it’s probably only going to frustrate you all the more.

Title: Inception Viral Site Discovered
Reviewed by Jon Lyus on Apr 6