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Kirby: 20 Years of the Lovable Pink Sphere


Nintendo recently announced that they would be doing a special compilation game to celebrate Kirby’s twentieth anniversary and would contain fan-favorite games. As a big fan of the character and some of his classic games, I thought that it would be a good opportunity to explore Kirby’s history. Please feel free to let us know […]

Kid Icarus Uprising Review


It has been nearly twenty years since we last saw Pit starring in his own game (the last title being Kid Icarus: Of Myths and Monsters on the Game Boy), even though he has featured in other games (including some of the WarioWare titles and Super Smash Bros. Brawl), the star of the classic Kid […]

Resident Evil Revelations Review


Resident Evil fans are sure in for a treat this year with Resident Evil 6 being released at the end of the year and Operation Raccoon City set to be released on Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3 on March the twenty third (and the latest installment in the Paul W. S. Anderson film series, if […]

Our pick of the Week’s Best Deals in Blu-ray, Comics and Games

I'd buy that for a dollar robocop man

With so many deals available online we’ve taken the liberty of picking through the bargain bin and pulling out the choicest offers we could find. This week we have an excellent sci-fi film, a famous graphic novel and the latest outing for one of the most popular gaming characters out there. If there’s a deal […]

5 Reasons Not To Throw Your PS3 Out The Window

PS3 In Flames

There’s nothing that kills a five-year strong relationship quite like an email saying: “Hello dear, hope you’re well. Anyhoo, enough chit chat. It appears I may have accidentally leaked your credit card and personal details to all and sundry. Oh, and that may possibly, maybe, have happened six days ago.” If that had come from […]

The Official Tron: Legacy iPhone App Launched

Disney have released the official app for iPhone and iPod Touch for their latest movie, Tron: Legacy which is released 17th December. The movie stars Jeff Bridges, Garrett Hedlund, Olivia Wilde, Bruce Boxleitner, James Frain, Beau Garrett, Michael Sheen and is directed by Joseph Kosinski. Disney Interactive Media Group launches the TRON app (bit.ly/enterthegrid) in the […]

James Bond Bounces Back

Daniel Craig - James Bond

At the E3 Games Conference last month Nintendo announced an updated version of the N64 classic Goldeneye will be released on Wii. Despite news that production was indefinitely halted on Sam Mendes’ Bond 23, due to MGM’s financial issues, it hasn’t stopped Activision keeping the series alive with a brand new console game. A trailer […]

Friday Lunchtime Brilliance: The Maltin Game

Doug Benson I Love Movies

Ever spent one of those mundane Friday afternoon blankly staring at your office screen, nursing a dull head from last night’s impromptu and badly conceived visit to the local and in full knowledge that you will achieve precisely nothing before the end of day bell goes and you run off for the weekend? Well, curse your bad […]

Friday Quiz: Football Movies

The Fifa World Cup and Nelson Mandela

Apparently there’s some little football tournament starting tonight called the World Cup? Anyone know about it?! The Fifa World Cup sees 32 teams go head to head for probably the most recognised sporting trophy in the world. So, to get you in the mood, it was only right that today’s HeyUGuys Friday lunchtime quiz would […]

Friday Game: Jerry Bruckheimer Movies

Jerry Bruckheimer Films Logo

Everyone knows I have a thing for Jerry Bruckheimer movies so i thought it was about time I indulged myself and used him as the topic for the HeyUGuys Friday game, especially as he’s just been honoured by the AFI. Some of the movies in the selection below were also produced by the late, great […]

Friday Game: Guess the Comic Book Movies

Comic Books

It’s Friday and as you know, that means it’s Friday game time. So, if you’re in the office desperate to go home for this bank holiday weekend, now’s the time to put down the pen, cast aside the post-it notes and start focusing on one thing and one thing only, the HeyUGuys Friday Quiz. As […]

Friday Game: Guess the Movies Shot at Pinewood Studios

Full Metal Jacket

Here’s soemthing that we hope may become a regular feature on HeyUGuys, the Friday lunchtime hame. I hoped to get this one up a bit earlier today but better late than never! For some reason, the only topic I could think of was Pinewood movies so that’s what today’s topic is! All you have to […]

The First Ever HeyUGuys Game – Play Here & Give us Your Feedback

HeyUGuys Game

We’ve been running for around 18 months now and during that time we’ve become an award winning website, made loads of new friends, had thousands of new readers but there was one thing missing… you guessed it! Over very own game! Our good and legendary friend, James has created this wonderful game for us and […]