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Stefan Pape

Stefan Pape is the reviews editor of the site. He quite likes films, which helps.

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    We Are The Freaks Review

    we are the freaks jamie blackley

    Falling somewhere between being a satirical social commentary and a full on teen comedy caper – Justin Edgar’s We Are The Freaks may be somewhat chaotic in many regards, yet maintains a genial spirit and distinct watchability, marking the continuously fledging careers of a handful of talented, young British actors. One of which is Jamie […]

    The Informant Review

    the informant

    In spite of the dramatic potential in the real events this Julien Leclercq thriller is based upon, not to mention the credentials of the leading cast – regrettably The Informant is a somewhat generic production, that neither does little to impress nor offend. While making for extremely easy viewing in that regard, you can’t but […]

    The HeyUGuys Interview: Robyn Davidson talks about Mia Wasikowska playing her in Tracks

    Screen Shot 2014-04-23 at 22.50.34

    As the ‘who would play you in a movie?’ question is one posed every now and again at social gatherings, for author Robyn Davidson it’s one she can defiantly answer – as she’s the inspiration for the Mia Wasikowska starring Tracks. Davidson famously walked across the Australian desert, turning her expedition into the best-selling novel Tracks, […]

    The HeyUGuys Interview: Mia Wasikowska discusses her role in Tracks

    Screen Shot 2014-04-22 at 22.28.04

    Having starred in a variety of big Hollywood productions, Australian actress Mia Wasikowska has now returned to her homeland, to bring the incredible true story of Robyn Davidson to the big screen, in John Curran’s Tracks. We had the pleasure of sitting down with Wasikowska to discuss the role, of a woman who embarked on […]

    The Other Woman Review


    Though female centric comedies have been something of a triumph of late, with the likes of Bridesmaids illuminating the big screen and TV series such as Girls doing much of the same on the smaller one, regrettably Nick Cassavetes’ The Other Woman misfires, playing up to the notion of empowerment in an all too contrived, […]

    The Sea Review


    Following on from John Jencks’ absorbing drama The Fold, comes another low-budget British production studying grief in a quite fascinating manner, as debutant Stephen Brown’s The Sea provides an insight into one man’s suffering with the loss of his wife, and how he revisits an old tragedy to help himself get over a new one. […]

    Reaching for the Moon Review


    Distinguished American wordsmith Elizabeth Bishop is renowned for her non-confessional, somewhat impersonal approach to poetry, as though peering in at the world from the outside and not always commenting from within. While certainly tender, she was sometimes described as being detached – and this Bruno Barreto biopic frustratingly abides by such a principle, almost shadowing […]

    The HeyUGuys Interview: Director Joel Hopkins on The Love Punch

    Screen Shot 2014-04-17 at 10.59.58

    While only making a small handful of films across his career, Joel Hopkins has never had any trouble drawing in the stars, as having worked alongside Dustin Hoffman and Emma Thomspon in his preceding endeavour Last Chance Harvey, he now reunites with the latter once more in The Love Punch, also throwing Pierce Brosnan into […]

    The HeyUGuys Interview: Emma Thompson & Celia Imrie on The Love Punch

    Screen Shot 2014-04-16 at 10.34.32

    Having both made their fair share of profound, more sincere features, acting duo Emma Thompson and Celia Imrie are not offering something a little lighter with their latest offering The Love Punch – and we had the great pleasure of sitting down with the pair to discuss their work on the Joel Hopkins project. As […]

    The HeyUGuys Interview: Renowned Swedish filmmaker Lukas Moodyson discusses We Are The Best!


    When settling in to watch a film taking place in 1980s Sweden, chronicling three young, teenage girls as they approach adolescence, you could be forgiven for expecting a picture that could be somewhat alienating to a large part of the potential audience – yet director Lukas Moodyson has created a feature with such broad appeal. […]

    The HeyUGuys Interview: Marc Webb on The Amazing Spider-Man 2

    Screen Shot 2014-04-15 at 11.20.00

    Though many had initially questioned the need for Marc Webb’s The Amazing Spider-Man trilogy, given how soon it arrived after Sam Raimi’s triumphant endeavour, the director has silenced many of his critics with yet another thoroughly entertaining blockbuster to match the first. We were lucky enough to sit down with Webb and discuss his work […]

    The Love Punch Review


    Though narrowly – and somewhat unfairly – missing out on an Oscar nomination for her portrayal of P.L. Travers in the brilliant Saving Mr. Banks, British actress Emma Thompson now returns with something a little lighter, but by no means more entertaining, as she stars alongside Pierce Brosnan in Joel Hopkins’ comedy caper, The Love […]

    Wrinkles Review


    Upon learning that a film is presented as an animation, you can’t help but assume the picture is targeting a younger crowd, hoping to win over both adults and children alike. However Ignacio Ferreras’ Wrinkles is certainly one for the former, as a poignant drama that handles a series of tragic themes, such as death, […]

    The HeyUGuys Interview: Director Darren Stein and lead Michael J. Willet talk G.B.F.


    Following on from a triumphant showing at the recent BFI Flare festival in London, Darren Stein’s (Jawbreaker) high-school comedy G.B.F. (Gay Best Friend) now makes its way to Blu-ray and DVD, and we had the pleasure of sitting down with the filmmaker, alongside the lead star himself, Michael J. Willet, to discuss the project. The […]

    The HeyUGuys Interview: Emily Browning talks Magic Magic

    Emily Browning in Magic Magic

    Emily Browning appears to be one of the busiest actresses around, starring in a variety of projects – each different from the next – ranging from Pompeii, to God Help the Girl to Magic Magic. It’s the latter which we discussed with the talented performer about – speaking to us on the phone from LA. […]

    The HeyUGuys Interview: John Michael McDonagh on sophomore feature Calvary

    Screen Shot 2014-04-11 at 12.24.56

    Following on from his brilliant debut The Guard, talented filmmaker John Michael McDonagh returns with Calvary, a dark comedy about a priest who is threatened in a confessions box – and we had the pleasure of sitting down with the man himself to discuss his latest project. McDonagh discusses the challenge in writing a comedy […]

    The HeyUGuys Interview: Brendan Gleeson talks Calvary

    Screen Shot 2014-04-10 at 13.45.02

    Having taken on a starring role in John Michael McDonagh’s debut feature The Guard, Irish actor Brendan Gleeson returns in the filmmaker’s sophomore endeavour, playing Father James Lavelle in Calvary. We were fortunate enough to discuss the role with the man himself, and how he went about combining the affable, endearing qualities to the character, […]

    The Lunchbox Review


    Now I don’t know about you, but whenever I’ve succumbed to having a packed lunch, it’s consisted mainly of a ham sandwich, cheese and onion crisps and a satsuma, or banana if I’m lucky. Irrfan Khan’s Saajan Fernandes, on the other hand, is treated to a selection of the most aromatic, delectable of Indian courses […]

    The HeyUGuys Interview: Up & Coming Star Olivia Cooke on her Role in The Quiet Ones

    The Quiet Ones

    Though not a household name yet – the future is looking exceedingly bright for young British actress Olivia Cooke, who stars as Hammer’s latest heroine, Jane Harper, in The Quiet Ones. Turning in a wonderful performance, the young actress discusses the fun the actors – including Jared Harris and Sam Claflin – had off-set and […]

    The HeyUGuys Interview: Chiwetel Ejiofor on Half of a Yellow Sun, 12 Years a Slave, and Bond 24


    While many of us still look at Chiwetel Ejiofor and see the anguished, broken Solomon Northup, given his quite miraculous and sincere portrayal in Steve McQueen’s Oscar winning drama 12 Years a Slave, the British actor is now back on home soil promoting his latest production, taking a starring role in Biyi Bandele’s Half of […]

    The HeyUGuys Interview: Richard E. Grant on Khumba: A Zebra’s Tale


    It goes without saying that we were completely thrilled to be given the opportunity to email across some questions to British acting legend Richard E. Grant ahead of his role as Bradley the Ostrich in Anthony Silverston’s Khumba: A Zebra’s Tale. Though his answers are somewhat short and sweet to say the least, it’s always […]