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Ben Mortimer

In addition to scribbling barely comprehensible copy for HeyUGuys, Ben has spent several years working in low budget film. One might imagine this has given him an insight into the production process - instead it has made him bitter, twisted and convinced of his own superiority. His life ambition is to run Disney.

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    In addition to scribbling barely comprehensible copy for HeyUGuys, Ben has spent several years working in low budget film. One might imagine this has given him an insight into the production process - instead it has made him bitter, twisted and convinced of his own superiority. His life ambition is to run Disney.

    HeyUGuys On Set: Will Poulter, Alfie Allen & More on Friends and Frauds Film Plastic


    With so many projects filming in the UK at the moment, and with most of the major film studios booked out by major American productions, British producers are having to be increasingly creative when it comes to finding somewhere to film. Which is how HeyUGuys found ourselves spending a snowy day early last year in […]

    The HeyUGuys Interview: Anthony Mackie & Sebastian Stan on Committing to Marvel & Super Sam Jackson

    Captain America 10

    By now you’ve no doubt seen Captain America: The Winter Soldier, and are bouncing up and down with sheer joy. And you’ve almost certainly read our interviews with Samuel L Jacksonthe Russo brothers and Chris Evans and Scarlett Johansson. If you’ve not quite had enough Captain America: The Winter Soldier for one day, here’s our […]

    The HeyUGuys Interview: Samuel L. Jackson on what it is Marvel have that DC don’t

    Captain America 5

    Captain America: The Winter Soldier hits cinemas this week, and there are several of us down in the HUG Bunker who think that it’s the best Marvel movie to date. Last week we spoke with Nick Fury himself, Samuel L Jackson, about the way the process has changed during his tenure as the Marvel U’s […]

    Hunting Down The Americans – On Set in New York

    The Americans

    Not to sound paranoid, but I’m convinced my phone’s been tapped. Not on an ongoing basis, you understand, just a one off, but it’s hard to shake off that nagging feeling. I suppose that’s what I get for having a pre-arranged, transatlantic phone call with a former CIA agent. OK, maybe that’s a little crazy, […]

    On-Set Report: It’s All in the Details – Bringing the Muppets to Life for Muppets Most Wanted


    “I’m so glad I did it. I kick myself sometimes, thinking that I nearly turned it down. That would have been one of the biggest regrets of my life, because every day is funny. Every day.” We’re in Ricky Gervais’ dressing room on the set of the new Muppets film. He’s currently explaining how he […]

    News About Dexter Fletcher’s Provenance Leaks Out at the EE BAFTA Rising Stars Nominations


    One of the most notable things about the EE BAFTA Rising Stars Awards was that the two British nominees, George MacKay and Will Poulter are old mates from their days at Harrodian School. Not only that, but the two have, in recent years, both worked with Dexter Fletcher; Poulter in Fletcher’s directorial debut Wild Bill, and […]

    EE BAFTA 2014 Rising Star Awards Nominees Announced


    Earlier this morning, HeyUGuys made our annual, early January pilgrimage to BAFTA HQ for the announcement of the EE BAFTA Rising Star awards nominations. Awarded to up and coming talent that’s just coming to mainstream attention, previous winners have included James McAvoy and Tom Hardy. It’s also the only BAFTA award voted for by the […]

    The HeyUGuys Interview: Jeremy Irvine talks the Realism of The Railway Man

    Jeremy Irvine - The Railway Man

    It’s been two years since Jeremy Irvine first broke into public conaciousness with his debut in War Horse. Since then, he’s played the boyfriend of a dying Dakota Fanning in teen cancer melodrama Now is Good, and the suitor of a sadistically spiteful Holiday Grainger in last year’s cinematic adaptation of Great Expectations. In spite […]

    The Cast and Crew of Mandela: Long Walk to Freedom Talk About What Nelson Mandela Meant to Them

    Mandela Closing Slide

    Earlier tonight we covered the premiere of Mandela: Long Walk to Freedom. Unsurprisingly, every single one of the people we spoke to had great things to say about the man who led South Africa to freedom; we had no idea that by the time our coverage went live, Mr. Mandela would have passed away. Many […]

    The HeyUGuys Interview: James Purefoy Talks The Following and How “Game of Thrones Stole Our Show”


    It’s no secret that I’m a fan of James Purefoy. He’s a great actor, and the sort of chap every Englishman should aspire to be. Earlier this year (way back in March to be more precise) – I spoke to Purefoy while he was on a press tour to promote his TV show, The Following. […]

    The Hunger Games: Catching Fire Review


    The success of The Hunger Games came from the stark quality. It was a film aimed at a wide, relatively young audience, and one that performed astonishingly well, but it never pulled punches. Instead, it treated its viewers like grown adults. Catching Fire picks up where the last film left off, both in story and […]

    How to Make a Kaiju Live – Pacific Rim’s Animation Supervisor on How He Made The Monsters Real


    “When we get a visual effects project here at ILM, we’ll always have a visual effects supervisor, who’s sort of the lead creative person on the project”, explains world renowned animation supervisor, Hal Hickel, “If a show also has a lot of character animation in it – and that can be robots, creatures, dinosaurs, Yoda […]

    Death of a Farmer – How to Make a Movie for £30,000


    “The cow was going to the abattoir, and we’re friends with the farmers” It’s the morning after the first public screening of Death of a Farmer, which took place as a fringe event during the Dinard film festival, and HeyUGuys have managed to catch up with Alice Eve, one of the producers of the movie, […]

    The HeyUGuys Interview: Let’s Go Adventure – Stand-up Josie Long Talks Screenwriting & Acting


    As a stand-up comedian, Josie Long is well used to laying her life bare for other people’s entertainment. So when it came to making the transition to writing and starring in short films, it only seemed appropriate that the protagonist not only share her name, but also have a similar set of experiences to draw […]

    The HeyUGuys Interview: Joe Swanberg Talks Mumblecore For His Latest Picture Drinking Buddies


    Joe Swanberg is almost certainly the most prolific director you’ve never really heard of. One of the key directors in the American micro-budget ‘mumblecore’ movement, he’s directed 17 feature films since 2006. With a focus on quick turnaround and improvisation over such niceties as script and production value, many of these films have failed to […]

    Thor 2 Director Alan Taylor talks Property Destruction, Superheroes, Tone & Terminator


    So, by now you’ve no doubt seen Thor: The Dark World. And it’s probably a fair guess to assume you agree with us that it’s great! Last week, in advance of the film’s release, we published interviews with the film’s stars, Chris Hemsworth and Tom Hiddleston, as well as Marvel boss, Kevin Feige. Today, rounding […]

    Tom Hiddleston & Chris Hemsworth Discuss the Appeal of the Villain + Ownership of Thor & Loki


    Yesterday we published a chat with Marvel boss, Kevin Feige, where he spoke about the opportunities that telling stories as films, network TV shows and cable series offered the company. The same day we spoke to Feige, we also spoke with the film’s stars, Chris Hemsworth and Tom Hiddleston. Given that the pair have now […]

    Marvel Boss Kevin Feige Updates on R-Rated TV Possibilities & the Likelihood of a Spider-Man Crossover

    Kevin Feige - Avengers Assemble European Premiere

    We got to talk with President of Production at Marvel Studios Kevin Feige on the opportunities TV offers to explore darker aspects of characters and making movies which he called ‘Indespensible’. Recently it’s been announced that Marvel Studios were developing several series to go out to cable networks and VOD distributors like Netflix and Amazon. […]

    The British Invasion – Festival du Film de Dinard 2013


    “I knew next to nothing about Dinard, and also it’s just me and the producer here and she didn’t really tell me anything.” It’s a warm October day in the French village of Dinard, and Chloe Pirrie, star of the acclaimed Brit-flick Shell is talking with me about her experiences of the town’s festival of […]

    The HeyUGuys Interview: Matthew Fox Talks Emperor

    Screen Shot 2013-10-04 at 11.37.21

    As Emperor hits our screens today, we had the pleasure of sitting down with its lead star Matthew Fox, to discuss the period war drama. Based on real events, Fox plays General Bonner Fellers, a Japanese expert left with the immense task of deciding whether the Emperor Hirohito should be trialled for war crimes and […]

    The HeyUGuys Interview: Iwan Rheon Talks About The Rise, Crossbows and Shakespeare

    Irwan Rheon

    You’ve probably seen Iwan Rheon in something over the last few years, he’s one of the hardest working men in the British film and TV industry, but with his remarkable and chameleon-like ability to inhabit characters, there’s every chance you won’t have realised. Most recently he’s starring in The Rise, the Leeds-set heist movie that […]