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    The HeyUGuys Interview: Iain De Caestecker on Not Another Happy Ending


    Iain De Caestecker is on the rise. He’s currently starring in Marvel’s Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. on TV, and in the fast year we’ve seen him on the big screen in In Fear and Filth, and we’ll be seeing him again soon in Ryan Gosling’s directorial debut How to Catch a Monster. We spoke to Iain […]

    “You read every script as if you’re waiting for somebody to die.” Our visit to the set of Vikings


    “Ah, you f*cking idiot,” says Travis Fimmel with a broad grin and a glint in his eye, and unfortunately it’s aimed directly at this HeyUGuys writer. It’s almost the end of our second and final day on the set of Vikings in County Wicklow, a short distance from Dublin, and we’ve finally tracked down the […]

    That Awkward Moment Review


    There are more than a few times in the opening hour of Tom Gormican’s That Awkward Moment where it appears the film is veering dangerously close to becoming Bros in the City. Zac Efron, Michael B. Jordan and Miles Teller play three twenty-something guys who live and work in New York City, and they spend […]

    Big Trouble in Little China Blu-ray Review

    big trouble in little china

    Big Trouble in Little China has made its way onto Blu-ray for the first time a couple of years shy of its 30th anniversary, and it’s a really lovely release. Drew Struzan’s wonderful original art adorns both the Deluxe Blu-Ray and SteelBook editions, and alongside the classic special features there are brand spanking new interviews […]

    Frozen: A New Breed of Disney Princess?


    Released in the UK this past weekend, Frozen became the 53rd feature to join the ‘Animated Classics’ from Walt Disney Animation Studios, and its two lead characters, Elsa and Anna, are set to become the twelfth and thirteenth Official Disney Princesses, respectively. The point I’m trying to make in that rather long-winded introduction is that […]

    Frozen – Soundtrack Review


    When our very own esteemed Reviews Editor, Stefan Pape, published his review of Frozen on the site, I felt compelled to argue a few of the finer points with him afterwards on Twitter. It wasn’t about anything drastic – I just felt his 4-star review was missing a star – but one of the subjects […]

    The HeyUGuys Interview: Ken Jeong on The Hangover Part III

    Ken Jeong

    Forget Messrs Helms, Cooper and Galifianakis, the breakout star of the The Hangover trilogy was Ken Jeong. You might have seen him in small, scene-stealing roles in the likes of Knocked Up and Role Models before he made his bow as Mr. Chow in The Hangover, but that’s the role that he credits with making […]

    Community 101: The Ultimate Quiz


    Pages: 1 2 3 4 5

    Community Season 4 is released on DVD this week alongside the Season 1-4 boxset, and to celebrate we’re testing the knowledge of all you Community fans with this Community 101 quiz. We’ve trawled through all four seasons of the show to put together 101 questions – at least one on every single episode! – about […]

    Closed Circuit Review

    Closed Circuit

    Who watches the watchmen? There’s still no satisfactory answer to that question come the end of John Crowley’s mystery thriller, but one things for sure – the watchmen have every angle covered… and they’ve got a zoom function. CCTV cameras survey every inch of Borough Market in the fantastically tense opening sequence to Closed Circuit. […]

    Flashes Before Your Eyes: The Goldbergs, Back in the Game & Trophy Wife “Pilot” Reviews

    Trophy Wife

    Time to look at a trio of new ABC sitcoms which debuted in the last week, none of which have been acquired by a UK broadcaster as of yet. That isn’t necessarily a mark against their quality – one looks great, one looks okay, and one delivered a pretty dreadful pilot. Nor is it a […]

    Flashes Before Your Eyes: Reacting to Breaking Bad’s “Felina”

    Breaking Bad

    It’s been a little over 24 hours since I saw the Breaking Bad finale, “Felina,” and I’ve thought about very little else since. My original plan was to write a review of the episode for the site, but after some thought it felt more appropriate to instead pen a more freeform blog in which I […]

    Flashes Before Your Eyes: Mom & The Crazy Ones “Pilot” Reviews


    CBS has the some of the most-watched sitcoms on TV, so any new sitcoms at the very least have some decent lead-ins to theoretically help them build an audience. That was certainly the case for The Crazy Ones, which held onto the lions share of The Big Bang Theory’s gargantuan audience to register 15.61 million […]

    Flashes Before Your Eyes: Marvel’s Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. & Lucky 7 “Pilot” Reviews


    It rarely happens, but ABC debuted a night comprised entirely of new programming on Tuesday, hoping that their big-name new property would meet its lofty expectations and with it launch a number of other shows that are arriving with considerably less fanfare. Marvel’s Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D kicked things off, with two comedies in the form […]

    Flashes Before Your Eyes: Hostages & The Blacklist “Pilot” Reviews


    Monday saw the debut of two new drama thrillers in the US, CBS’s Hostages and NBC’s The Blacklist, which aired head-to-head in the 10pm timeslot. The former, which has been picked up by Channel 4 to air in the UK, was roundly trounced by The Blacklist in the ratings, which incidentally will debut in the […]

    Revolution Cast Interviews – Giancarlo Esposito, David Lyons, Billy Burke & Tracy Spiridakos


    Fifteen years after our world experienced a global blackout, electricity is yet to return and society as we know it has crumbled. That’s the setting for NBC’s Revolution, which wrapped up its first season on Sky1 earlier this year, and is returning to U.S. screens later this week. But while we wait patiently for the […]

    Flashes Before Your Eyes: Dads & Brooklyn Nine-Nine “Pilot” Reviews


    Perhaps one of the most buzzed about new shows of the Fall schedule, but for all the wrong reasons, is Fox’s Dads. Created by Family Guy vets Alec Sulkin and Wellesley Wild, and executive-produced by Seth MacFarlane himself, Dads stars Seth Green and Giovanni Ribisi as a pair of successful video games developers whose lives […]

    Flashes Before Your Eyes: Sleepy Hollow “Pilot” Review

    Sleepy Hollow

    First and foremost, welcome to a new dedicated TV blog on HeyUGuys. You may have noticed the amount of television content increasing on the site over the past few months, and with a raft of new shows arriving in the coming weeks as part of the new Fall TV season across the pond, we felt […]

    The HeyUGuys Interview: Stephen Amell Talks Arrow


    After the success Smallville had bringing the story of Superman to the small screen, Arrow is the latest TV series to take the long-form storytelling approach to a DC Comics superhero. Stephen Amell plays Oliver Queen, an egotistical billionaire playboy who returns home after five years stranded on a desert island, with a new set […]

    The Returned: Experiencing Series 1

    Adele - The Returned

    Last week saw the DVD release of The Returned (Les Revenants), the French drama that aired on Channel 4 earlier this year about the dead reappearing in a small mountain town. Last month I had a whole heap of fun marathon-viewing all four seasons of Justified and keeping a diary as I went along, and […]

    The HeyUGuys Interview: Cillian Murphy & Steven Knight on Peaky Blinders

    poster 1

    Steven Knight’s been big news in the last couple of weeks after his latest feature, the British thriller Locke starring Tom Hardy, debuted to phenomenal reviews in Venice, but it’s not just on the big screen that he’s making waves. The writer of Dirty Pretty Things and Eastern Promises has turned to the lawless streets […]

    Our Favourite Sci-Fi Partnerships

    HAL 2001

    Some of our favourite sci-fi films and TV programmes have, at their core, a partnership which hooks us in. Often the two are polar opposites, sometimes they are thrown together by chance, but they connect, spark and we join them for the ride. To celebrate the release on DVD of Lost Girl Season Two we […]