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Adam Lowes

Mild-mannered civilian by day, passionate cinephile and dedicated blogger at night, my obsession began with seeing the image of Luke staring wistfully at the two stars of Tatooine, and 30-plus years later, that love have never wavered.

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    After the Night Review

    After the Night

    At first glance what would appear to be a story framed within the teeming favelas of Rio de Janeiro, is actually a gangland yarn set in the similarly rundown (if previously unexplored cinematically) Creola slums of Lisbon, Portugal. With After the Night, young Swiss-born filmmaker Basil da Cunha has sculpted a dark, moody and satisfyingly […]

    The Unsung Heroes of Star Wars

    ralph mcquarrie

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    With Episode VII around the corner, and the production to the Original Trilogy (less so the Prequels) spun into filmmaking folklore, Star Wars has never been more potent in popular culture. While the world waits on the official appointment of Messrs. Hamill, Fisher and Ford to complete the proverbial circle there are many others whose […]

    The HeyUGuys Interview: Wake in Fright’s Ted Kotcheff Talks Rambo, Bernie and War

    Weekend at Bernie's

    The name director Ted Kotcheff may not be as instantly recognisable as some of his filmmaker contemporaries, but a fertile creative period during the 70s and 80s saw him craft a number of well-received films across a variety of genres – The Apprenticeship of Duddy Kravitz (which launched the career of a young, pre-Jaws Richard […]

    Yves Saint Laurent Review

    Yves Saint Laurent

    Made with what looks like the full seal of approval from the late designer’s fashion empire (he passed away in 2008), Yves Saint Laurent isn’t quite the fawning hagiography it could have so easily been, yet it’s not the most stimulating and probing portrait, either. It’s a handsome-looking, if sedate affair, which benefits immensely from […]

    The HeyUGuys Interview: Director Kim Mordaunt on The Rocket

    Kim Mordaunt

    Australian filmmaker Kim Mordaunt has used his background in documentary film to stunning effect in his Laos-set feature debut, The Rocket. We talked to the director about what inspired him to craft his tale of a young boy seeking redemption in his journey through a war-ravaged country, and how, as a director, he navigated some […]

    The Rocket Review

    The Rocket

    The repercussions of the past are felt in more ways than one in The Rocket – an elegantly-told and spirited yarn which hints at a magical realism, while keeping its (at times, sobering) feet firmly on the ground. In the dilapidated, war-scarred country of Laos, an old superstition deems a baby named Ahlo (Sitthiphon Disamoe) […]

    From Slacker to Sunshine – The Sundance Success Stories


    It’s been a long-time established fact that the Sundance Film Festival has acted as a career springboard for a number of now firmly-established directors, and throughout the years, has brought attention to many well-loved feature which may have otherwise slipped through the net. Having conquered Hollywood with his updating of the Batman myth, it’s easy […]

    Birds Eye View Gala Screening – Wonder Women! The Untold Story of American Superheroines


    The popular Birds Eye View Film Festival (now in its 12th year) is back again this April. Dedicated to showcasing work by female film-makers from around the world, there’s a special Gala screening to tie with International Women’s Day this Saturday. The BFI Southbank are screening the super entertaining documentary, Wonder Women! The Untold Story […]

    Rerelease: Wake in Fright Review

    Wake in Fright

    Few films accurately capture those hedonistic, booze-fuelled remnants of a lost weekend as gloriously as First Blood director Ted Kotcheff’s 1971 outback-set drama Wake in Fright. Languishing for a number of decades as ‘lost classic’ status, this strange and beguiling film (served with a tangy chaser of black humour) has been given a thoroughly welcoming […]

    The HeyUGuys Interview: Talking Hyper Masculinity with Ted Kotcheff, Director of Wake in Fright


    The deeply unsettling Australian New Wave classic Wake in Fright makes a long-awaited and welcoming return to cinemas this weekend. We recently spoke to the film’s director Ted Kotcheff about his experiences whilst making the movie in the sweltering and barren Aussie outback. The veteran filmmaker (who has worked on a number of varied and […]

    Godzilla Roars Back to Life on Screen – Footage Preview Report & Q&A With Director Gareth Edwards


    As the cinematic calendar gears up for the (now extended) summer season of Hollywood box office big-hitters, there’s one film on the way which has already caught the collective enthusiasm of genre fans. Legendary Pictures and Warner Bros. are bringing a new version of the famed Japanese fable Godzilla to the big screen in May, […]

    Why Nebraska Should Win the Best Picture Oscar


    Every day, from now until the weekend of the 2014 Academy Awards, HeyUGuys will be publishing an article championing one of the nine films in contention for the coveted Best Picture Oscar. We will be collecting them all here, where you can find the previous articles. Alexander Payne renews his Oscar credentials with a sour […]

    The Coen Brothers A-Z

    Joel & Ethan Coen

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    With their new film Inside Llewyn Davis hitting UK cinemas this week, here’s our indispensable guide to the richly inventive and playful world of brothers Joel and Ethan Coen. A is for… A Woman, a Gun and a Noodle Shop This is the international title of the 2009 Chinese remake of Blood Simple, which Ethan […]

    The Best Final Films from Great Actors

    The Dark Knight

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    When the tragic news of the death of Paul Walker was reported the film industry fell into shock and it was his Fast and Furious co-star Vin Diesel who led tributes to his friend. On the day of the release of one of his last films, the Hurricane Katrina drama Hours,  Adam Lowes takes a […]

    A Champion Evening in the Company of Sylvester Stallone

    An Evening with Sylvester Stallone - London

    On Saturday the celebrated London Palladium played host to a true Hollywood heavyweight. Following a week in town doing the publicity rounds for new comedy Grudge Match, an enthusiastic and energised Sylvester Stallone took to the stage to chat about his life and career in an evening which proved to be inspiring as expected. Stallone’s […]

    PREVIEW: Gonna Fly Now – Sylvester Stallone Live at the London Palladium


    Sylvester Stallone’s life in Hollywood has had somewhat of a fairy tale quality, mirroring the rags-to-riches, going the distance world of his most famous creation and the character which put him on the road to international success, Rocky Balboa. Having now been a huge star in the business for over five decades, he’s still cranking […]

    The HeyUGuys Interview: Computer Chess Director Andrew Bujalski Talks Improvisation & Nostalgia

    Andrew Bujalski

    Director Andrew Bujalski may be renowned for his rough and ready lo fi approach to cinema, but for Computer Chess, his wonderful new feature released in cinemas this week, he strips things back even further. Shooting on decades-old, black and white video, he tells the story of a weekend-long tournament for chess software programmers which […]

    Computer Chess Review

    Computer Chess

    While fellow mumblecore alumni the Duplass brothers and Joe Swanberg have brought their intimate, stripped-down style to a larger audience, frontrunner of that short-lived movement, Andrew Bujalski, has taken his work in a decidedly more esoteric direction. The result is the wonderfully weird and playfully dreamlike Computer Chess. Bujalski has actually taken that lo-fi template […]

    Seduced and Abandoned Review


    The art vs. commerce dichotomy of the world’s most famous film festival is explored and analysed in a thoroughly entertaining fashion in the form of behind-the-scenes industry documentary, Seduced and Abandoned. Much like Behind the Candelabra this summer, UK cinema-goers are once again in the enviable position of watching yet another excellent HBO made-for-TV film […]

    Blu-ray and DVD Round up 5th November 2013

    Love, Marilyn

    Disc of the week Love, Marilyn Film Director Liz Garbus has assembled a glittering constellation of movie stars to narrate the kaleidoscopic life of cinema’s ultimate bombshell. Her striking documentary draws on a recently unearthed trove of Marilyn’s own journal entries, letters and poems and intersperses spoken word with footage of her life, her loves […]

    Blu-ray and DVD Round up 23rd October 2013

    Made of Stone

    Disc of the week The Stone Roses: Made of Stone Film A rollicking documentary focusing on the recent comeback of Madchester baggy indie pop legends The Stone Roses made by superfan Shane Meadows. What more could any music fan want? From the spine-tingling opening, which sees lead singer Ian Brown greeting front row fans at […]